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17. Confrontation Avoided

16. Linda Eavesdrops

15. Sarah Fixes Jon's Room

14. Tiffany Confronts Kyla

13. Tiffany's Thoughts

12. Melissa Wanders

11. Aftermaths

10. Leaving the Gym

9. Jon and the Cheerleaders Face

8. In the Gym

7. Jon's Day

6. Karyn "helps" Jon

5. Bumping Into Sarah in the Hall

4. First Period Honors English

3. It's Kyla's House

2. Karyn's Detour

1. You Are What You Wish

Confrontation Avoided

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FTF MC Magic

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Sarah shouldn't have used this much magic this quickly. Jocelynne was incapable of helping to recharge her magic stores any faster, but at the same time, Sarah welcomed the pampering she had received. It calmed her mind even if it did less for her spirit.

Or at least, that's what the girl thought was the case as she left the new cheerleader's bedroom. But as she descended the stairs, she could feel herself recharging at an incredible rate. Nowhere near full strength, but it felt almost like she'd drunk some kind of elixir. And what's more, she felt filled with... love? It wasn't an unfamiliar emotion, but it was more intense than Sarah had ever felt before, and it had seemingly come out of nowhere.

The girl continued down the stairs, and heard the front door opening as she reached the tile of the ground floor. Zoe, from the goth coven. They'd been active in the gym, but Sarah wasn't sure exactly what they had done.

Zoe smirked as she approached the cheerleader. She could feel how much latent magic had been recently used, and she was confident that, in this current state, she could gain some upper hand on Sarah. This was literally Zoe's home turf, she could--

"Welcome home, Zoe!" Sarah felt an unbidden smile brighten her face. "Do you have any homework? Make sure you get it done before dinner, alright?"

Sarah wasn't sure where those words had come from, but they worked. Zoe stopped dead in her tracks, her expression changed to one of slight worry, before she nodded her head at Sarah. "Yeah, just a few things but I'll get them done." Then the goth obediently retreated up the stairs to her bedroom.

From her view on the sofa, Linda let out a quiet chuckle. She hadn't quite been expecting that sort of side effect, but it meant less work for her that evening, so she wasn't complaining. And what she heard next almost made her laugh out loud.

"Did Jocelynne finish her homework? I'd better go back up to her, we can work together."

Linda peeked over the back of the sofa as Sarah turned to go back up the stairs. The girl's face had rounded a little, her body matured a little. It was still the same girl, but she didn't have the appearance of a teenager any longer. It was alright, this too would fade soon enough.

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