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3. It's Kyla's House

2. Karyn's Detour

1. You Are What You Wish

It's Kyla's House

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MC Magic

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Karyn's expression remained unchanged as she entered the home at 900 Glass Street, but the face that met her there brightened markedly as it lead her to the living room.

"So it worked?" Kyla Leeson, straight-A student and elf-proclaimed (not a typo) Geek-Queen of Lake Point High School beamed at an entirely nonchalant Karyn.


"He thinks he inherited a magical stone?"


"And," Kyla paused, "and you're blonde? Why are you blonde?"

"To complete the illusion that the stone that grants wishes," Karyn monotoned, "I changed myself while holding the stone. In addition, because the outcome was perceived as negative, this will make Jon reconsider any additional wishes"

Kyla thought for a moment. "Good. So he'll keep it close, but he won't use it. Good work, my servant. Thank you for your report. I would like to dismiss you, but before you leave..." she let the idea hang for a moment.

"Yes, Kyla?"

The Geek-Queen's smile turned just a bit sinister. "Do you regret challenging my powers? Do you accept my complete authority over yours?"

"I could never challenge you, Kyla. I am powerless before you. I am your servant, yours to command."

"Good." Kyla sat down in an armchair and crossed a leg over her knee, leaning back with elbows splayed and both hands cupping the back of her head. "Now continue on to your home, and forget about this conversation."

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