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16. Hermione and the house-elf res

15. Hermione and The quiet before

14. Hermione vs The Snatchers

13. Hermione vs Greyback

12. Hermione and Harry have a talk

11. Jon tries to get a grip as Her

10. Jon, Karyn and Ron back at the

9. Jon and Karyn search for the S

8. Someone Coming

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly H

6. Harry Potter

5. Yet Another Magic Item

4. Mysterious Trinkets

3. A couple months down the road

2. Jon decides this thing is bad

1. You Are What You Wish

Hermione and the house-elf rescue

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A muffled crack split the silence of the dark wine cellar turned dungeon. It was too dark to see much, but Luna Lovegood, Dean Thomas, Olivander and Griphook had been in the darkness so long, it no longer seemed dark.
“What was that?” Dean asked, afraid of how things could get worse for them.
“It is Dobby. Dobby has been sent by Harry Potter to rescue his friends.” Squeaked a small voice from the darkness.
“Dobby?” Luna questioned, as his small House-elf figure walked to them in the dark.
“Yes, Dobby. Dobby was told to bring you all to Harry Potter.” he said softly. “Gather your things Dobby will be right back.”
“Wait – ” Dean said before another crack cut him off as Dobby vanished.
“You ‘ear that?” a muffled voice called out in the house above them.
“Quickly.” Luna said, grabbing Dean. “Wake up Olivander, and I’ll get Griphook, this’ll be easier if we’re all together, I reckon.” Dean woke the old and weary wandmaker as Luna moved off to gather the Goblin. Both were in poor health, the Malfoys and their captors had not taken diligent care of the Goblin, or the wandmaker.
Another crack. Dobby was in the middle of the room again and was holding something in his hand.
“Quickly now, take Dobby’s hand.” He said as Luna and Dean moved back toward him pulling their fellow prisoners with them.
“There it is a’gin!” the muffled voice from above called out “It’s comin’ from the basement!” and then the clear sounds of boots coming down the stone steps to the basement.
Dean pulled Oliver closer to him as he took Dobby’s hand and Luna tightened her grip on Griphook as she also took the outstretched hand of the house-elf. A sharp tug was followed by a swirling sensation as the five of them vanished in a last crack before the door burst open and two menacing figures burst into the dark room.
“Where’d they go?” he shouted.

Luna, Dean, Olivander, and Griphook were spread across the sands of a beach, all trying to shield their eyes from the bright sunlight.
“Holy Shit, it worked!” Karyn said smiling proudly at the young woman with the messy brown hair to his right.
“Why always with the tone of surprise?” Jon asked defensively, resting her hands on her hips “Of course it worked. It was fool proof!” she finished with a proud smile.
“You lot okay?” Ron asked as he checked on the four freed prisoners.
“Ya – yeah I think.” Dean said as his eyes adjusted, “Is that really you three? How? How’d you…. How?”
“Simple, really.” Jon smiled in self-satisfaction as she walked over to the House-elf and said rather quietly so the others could not overhear “Please tell me you got them.”
“Of Course, Dobby did exactly as you asked, Hermione, friend of Harry Potter!” he responded proudly, showing her the hairbrush and comb he had taken from the upstairs room of the Manor.
Jon’s smile widened as she scooped up the house-elf into her arms and kissed him on his cheek “Brilliant! You’re brilliant!”
Ron’s brother Bill, and his wife Fleur hurried down from the cottage on the hill.
“You were right, Harry, you’re amazing!” Bill said as he used his wand to carry Griphook and Olivander back up to the cottage.
Karyn could see Hermione stashing the comb and hairbrush into her bag as Ron was talking to Dean, all smiles. Hermione and Luna were talking as well, it seemed a bit suspicious, but Dobby spoke up.
“Did Dobby do good, Harry Potter?” the house-elf asked.
“You did perfect, Dobby.” Karyn said, a slight tear in her eye. They had rescued everyone, and Dobby didn’t have to die. This was the first real change they had made to the book. The fact that this was so successful meant that they could probably get away with bigger changes and the master plan might just work out.

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