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6. Suzie is the little girl

5. The Little Girl

4. No Big Deal

3. Ettin Troubles

2. Choosing Ettin

1. The Future of Gaming

Suzie is the little girl

on 2010-10-23 10:36:54

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The little girl giggled "You two are. I can't believe that you chose an Ettin David, or should I say Davado now."

"Suzie!" I said in surprise.

The little girl smiled as she skipped toward us. "Of course silly. Who else would it be." She continued to jump around us, looking at us from all directions, she finally stopped on our left side, Brav's side. "Nice to meet you, you already know my name, so can I ask yours?" Suzie asked in a sing-song voice.

"Uh... well my... uh... You can call me Brav." Brav stuttered. "So, your who he was supposed to meet?"

Suzie nodded as began to skip forward through the meadow. After she was a distance away, she turned around and called, "Are you two waiting for an invitation? Come one."

Brav and I shared an awkward glance before we each took a step forward. Again, we found our selves face-first in the dirt. This time though, we could hear Suzie laughing in the distance.

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