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5. The Little Girl

4. No Big Deal

3. Ettin Troubles

2. Choosing Ettin

1. The Future of Gaming

The Little Girl

on 2010-05-15 03:13:13

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As we tried our best to get to our feet (again), we heard a giggle. I turned my head and saw a little girl standing nearby.

"Who is it?" Brav asked. He couldn't turn his head and see for himself.

"It's just a little girl."

"What's she doing?" he asked me.

"She just standing there, watching us. I think she thinks we're funny."

That frustrated Brav even more. He struggled more fiercely to stand up, and after a few painful tries, he was successful ... with my help, of course.

The girl giggled again, causing Brav to spin around towards her. I was so exhausted by trying to stand up with Brav that he easily moved my side of the body with him. He glared at the kid. "What's so funny?"

The girl just smiled at him, like she knew something he didn't.

And that's when I started to get a bad feeling.

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