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3. Buy a special shampoo/soap to

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Body Wash

on 2024-01-08 12:49:39

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Magic TF

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After thinking about it, you decide to go to the mall to see if you could buy something special for your girlfriend to try, hope something that could transform her too. Then, you headed to the bathroom to brush your teeth, take a nice steamy shower, and finally make breakfast for you and your girlfriend when she wakes up. After you finish your early breakfast first, you then write a note to your girlfriend before you leave and let her know that you head out. With that, you head to the garage door to open it and get into your car to drive off to the mall. After a few minutes of driving, you finally reach your destination, and you then get off the car as you then head inside the mall. Walking in the mall, you went to a store you had never seen before. Curious, you walked in to see some strange hollistic/bio store selling various products. Behind a counter a nice lady who's you can't remember the face welcomed you.

"Hi, dear customer, take a look, I have everything you ever desire. Or would you like me to help you find something?"

With a strange welcoming, you respond. "Well, yeah. I was looking for some shampoo, soap, or body wash that could change my girlfriend. Do you have anything like that?"

With just a smile and no other reaction whatsoever she said. "Oh sure, we do. Here it is."

She took a bottle of shampoo from behind the counter and gave it to you. Curious, you took a look at the indication: "Shower soap for perfect skin on a perfect body, allow the user to become a person that their lover fantasize about. The effect will be worn off in 24 hours a day."

"Wow, that's perfect. Do you have any more of that?" You excited as you ask for more.

"Of course." The lady replies as she shows you more products in the store. With that, you bought a couple of them just for your girlfriend.

Thirty minutes later, you finally arrived home as you opened the door, and your girlfriend greeted you at the front door. "Welcome home, honey."

"Thank you, babe. Oh hey, look what I've got?" You reply to her as you show her the bag of shampoos, soaps, and body wash you just bought from the mall.

"Oh my, that's a lot, honey. Are those that you bought from the mall?" Your girlfriend was amazed.

"Yeah, I see them, so I was buying a couple of them just for you." You smile and then kiss each other. "Anyway, why not try it right away? I knew you love to."

"Oh... I will, hun." She happily replies as she picks one inside the bag and then heads to the bathroom to take a shower her. While your girlfriend is in the shower, you then go after her as you walk into the door of the bathroom and see your girlfriend is now...

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