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12. ...a thick femboy

11. Have a wild sex.

10. ...enter your house that there

9. you both decide to visit your

8. your girlfriend turns into man

7. ...can you change into everybo

6. Your girlfriend is a Shapeshif

5. Your girlfriend want to tell y

4. ...headed to your girlfriend’s

3. up and go for a walk.

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Fulfilling your kinks

on 2024-01-01 15:01:02

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"Could... you turn into a really thick femboy for me?" You asked.

"Ahahahaha, like from those transformation artists i always catch you looking at??" she giggles. "Sure, honey," she says seductively as she pulls you in for a big kiss, her voice already beginning to deepen.

Already, you can feel the changes as her D-cup breasts pressed up against you begin to deflate as her pectoral muscles begin to grow, leaving her with even bigger pecs than yourself. "Oh.. woauughh!!" she moans, her voice going from husky and feminine to a grizzly man as an adams apple emerges from her neck. Your erection begins to pulse inside her. This is the most aroused you've ever felt.

"Baby, I love you. This feels amazing!" She exclaims as she once again rams her tongue down your throat, this time with more dominance as she grips your hands tightly, you feel her fingers increase in size ever so slightly as her nail polish fades. Next, her arms begin to lose what little hair they had as her biceps bulge and pulse, leaving her with arms bigger and more masculine than your own. her waist widens slightly, and her abs grow into a strong 6-pack. "christ this is so hot, thank you for doing this for me baby" you say "no problem sexy, i feel so powerful and strong" she replies as she examines her new upper body, she looks like she swapped torsos with one of the jocks. "Right, big boy, time for your last blowjob before i make you return the favor." She gets off of your cock and gets on her knees, gripping your cock with her masculine hands and begins to jerk you off. you are in pure ecstasy as she takes your rock-hard cock into her mouth and begins to suck, grunting like a pro wrestler as she gives you the best blowjob of your life. she stops for a second as she flinches, her jawline and cheekbones shifting slightly to a more masculine shape, she now looks like she could pass as a guy without makeup. her hair recedes into a bob as she continues sucking, stopping just before you reach climax and stands up, she now seems slightly taller than you, which she certainly notices too. "I guess I'm the bigger one now teehee" as she gives you a wink.

Suddenly, "Ugghh!" she grunts as she lurches over onto her back and grabs her crotch. You lower yourself to her side. "Are you okay, baby?"

"Yeah, I'm...Ohhh!" she moans as a large pair of testicles emerge from her vagina as her clitoris begins to engorge, going from 2 inches to an impressive 8-inch penis and growing as thick as a pornstars. quickly she, now he, grabs you by your waist, easily overpowering you as he props you onto his new penis and begins to dry-hump you, your two cocks pulsing against each other as he grabs your head and kisses you deeply. "I love this feeling, baby. I love you so much, " he says as he reaches a finger around your butt and inserts it into your anus "Unnghh!" You yelp in arousal in an almost feminine tone.

"Baby, not that i don't like this, but i thought you were becoming a femboy??" You say as he finger-fucks your butthole, "Oh, I am baby, don't worry, you didn't specify how masculine i could become. Do you want me to tone it back a little?"

"NO!... er... no, this is fine. Hehe, could you just make sure you're nice and curvy down there?" You say as you wince in pleasure as your new boyfriend tickles your prostate. "Sure honey, i'm almost done changing," he says, his hips and legs bulging with new muscle as his feet slightly grow in size. if he stopped now, he'd look like a male athlete. next his hips begin to widen into almost MILF proportions, "See? here why don't you get a closer look?" as he throws you back onto the bed his 6'2 frame towers over your 5'9 "what do you mean l--Mmmff!" you groan as he presses his rock hard ass over your face, his large balls resting in your mouth as you begin to suck on them. "yeah thats a good boy mmmmm" he moans in delight "mmphhh" is all you can muster out as you are smothered by your boyfriends balls and ass. next your boyfriends ass begins to match his hips and starts swelling into a plump bubble butt you would expect from an instagram model, next his muscular thighs thicken and become engorged into a pair of delightfully thick mommy thighs, you squeeze your boyfriends new curvy assets as he moans in pleasure as you continue sucking on his large balls. "oooh yeeesss, alm-ost d-done" your boyfriend shudders as his calves thicken to match the shape of his lower half. finally your boyfriend gets up off you as you gasp for fresh air. now before you stands your new femboy boyfriend, and he is definitely the 'Boyfriend' now.

"You like?" he says seductively as he flexes his pecs and shakes his plump, voluptuous butt for you. "yes, god you look so sexy honey, you're my fantasies come to life."

"Thanks honey" he winks as he turns to the mirror "god i really do look hot like this, i feel like i could beat up a bouncer but i still feel so sexy and womanly" he says as he runs his hands over his new body, flexing his muscles and giving his juicy ass a few squeezes. he turns back to you "so.. who's the boyfriend now?? or like who's gonna be the more dominant one?" he asks as he looks up and down at your smaller frame.

"We could take turns. be both i guess." you reply "i like that idea, but i really need to let the pressure out from this, i feel like my balls are gonna burst" he replies, gesturing to his new genitalia. "well what are you waiting for?" you say, winking at your new boyfriend. "OK then big boy, so am i fucking you?" he says gripping his new rock-hard cock as your asshole tingles, "or are you fucking me?" he says as he bends over, displaying his Juicy ass and thick thighs for you, if it wasn't for the large cock swinging between his legs you would think that's a woman.

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