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12. Call Kate

11. Becky gets carried away

10. Drive to Hooters

9. Hooters

8. Let's go to dinner

7. Throw Something On

6. James to Becky

5. Becky tells her Uncle

4. Becky tests the Medallion

3. Niece Becky

2. James has a complicated life

1. Altered Fates

Call Kate

on 2023-12-26 02:54:40

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Body_Swap FTM MTF

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As the police left James waited for the tow truck with another police car with a sigh she called her sister

“Hi, Kate, umm Mom

“Becky, is everything OK?”

“Um no and before you start, do you know about the Medallion of Zulo?”

“It allows you to switch bodies, right. At least that’s what my friend Sarah said”

“Well it does, because I found it and Becky decided to try it and became me”

“Became you then your, very funny honey”

“No joke, but we went out for supper. She got carried away because she could now drink”

“Honey this isn’t funny”

“Look it Trixie (she only told him she had a crush on Speed Racer)


“Yes your daughter is drunk and because of a tail light being out, she is going to jail and I am sitting here waiting for…Toe trucks here. I got to go. I’ll you from wherever I am being taken”

An hour later Kate arrived at James house, as soon as the door closed


“I HAD to choice between go for supper or letting her friends her friends kidnap her. I think I choosed rightgiven she could have still gone out but I wouldn’t have been there to drive which mean

“I guess you have a point and even though you are James while your in her body I will treat you like her so your grounded, go get ready for bed young lady”

“For wearing that outfit, now go or get a spanking”

She went and came back a few minutes later wearing a nightgown

“Good now go to bed, you have school in the morning “


“I can’t leave you alone and maybe this will scare her”


“No buts now get”

“Fine” she started walking away

“Forgetting something”

“Goodnight Kate”


“Goodnight… Mom”

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