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5. Jon is a Bit Close With the Fa

4. I Wish I Was Lying

3. The Bitch Makes Her Move

2. episode two

1. You Are What You Wish

Pet With Benefits

on 2023-11-20 16:41:12
Episode last modified by lifesmainantagonist on 2023-11-21 10:29:10

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Animal TF

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10 minutes later:

"Knock knock!" his mother said, pushing the door open. "Would you two like some din..." She stood there, speechless, holding a tray with a home cooked meal for Jon, and a big food bowl that said "Sarah" with 5 Friskies cat food pates in it, as from her perspective, her naked son lie on his back on his bed, being straddled by his pet lioness, her tail coiled twice around one of his bare legs. He had a minor streak of clawmarks on his chest. She steadily put the tray down on the floor and backed out of the room.

5 seconds of silence passed between them.

"Sarah, please get off me, so I can wish for her to forget what she just saw."

On this they were definitely in agreement. Sarah got off of Jon, sliding him out of her as she lifted herself away. It turned out things were actually exactly the right size. As Jon wished for his mother to forget what she just saw on Jon's bed, Sarah couldn't help but be entranced by the delectable smell from the large pet food bowl, and happily started snarfing it down. She wanted to tell Jon how unbelievably good it was, it was much better than anything she had eaten as a human in a long, long time. Maybe Jon was right, and being a lion wasn't so bad at all.

After the meal, they stood in Jon's bathroom, Sarah propping herself up with her front feet on the counter, before two toothbrushes. One for him. Another one, a specialty made, bigger toothbrush. And two different tubes of toothpaste. One of them, the 6.4 ounce tube of colgate he was used to seeing there, the other, 3.2 ounce tube of "Enzadent Enzymatic toothpaste for dogs and cats, poultry flavor." Jon had explained to Sarah about how it altered history, and how because it was the most likely way for a lion to be inside a residential house, Sarah was probably just seen as his pet lion at this point. But apparently even though she couldn't talk, the world clearly saw Sarah as a very unusual lion. One who actually brushed her teeth, and probably was expected to use the toilet. No wonder her breath smelled like that before. With a wish to spy on her original family, they also clearly observed that her parents didn't even have her as a daughter any more. But that could be changed later too, they could somehow fit her into her former role in life and with her original family with a wish or few and make everyone think it was normal if they could do the rest.

They brushed their teeth together. Jon asked Sarah if she needed help and she nodded, she was kind of able to do it herself but not very well, she couldn't see what she was doing. She squirmed as he brushed her teeth. Apparently her gums were sensitive. At the end she spit out the toothpaste, washed out her mouth and covered his face with her huge tongue licking him.

"All right. Well, I'm going to wish you can't use the stone now."

Sarah grumbled and shook her head.

"I'm sorry Sarah, but it has to be done, if I want to give you your voice back, you can't possibly expect me to just trust you, I want to help you but we both know if I let you, you're just going to twist my good deed against me and get revenge."

Sarah was actually determined not to at this point, though she knew Jon was reasonable in his cynicism over her motivations. So she beckoned him across the room by waving him as best as she could, and pawed over to the calendar he had on his wall and pointed as best as she could to December 31 with a huge paw.

"What, happens in December?" Jon asked.

Sarah pointed to the stone and him and her and the calendar again.

"I don't get it," he said.

Sarah yowled quietly in frustration and then went to his desk, and found she actually was able to grip a pen without too much difficulty. She wasn't holding it in the normal way, but it worked.

She painfully slowly and carefully wrote out in handwriting befitting an 8 year old, "wish I can't use stone for a limited time not forever. Even better don't wish for anything now, don't give my speech back yet, I like it. Let's try this for a while. The sex was so good OMG. Please give me a chance. I fucked up ok? Don't make it forever. I'm already a lion, do you need to bar me from the most amazing thing in the universe forever? People change. I know you won't trust me when I say I promise not to betray you but maybe one day I can earn your trust?"

At least her mind was intact. Was that genuine or manipulation? For the moment maybe it didn't matter, and he could decide later. "All right Sarah. A probation it is. But with a twist." Jon got the stone and picked it up and said "I wish, first of all, that Sarah's aging process would be put on hold, unless and until I say Beetlejuice 3 times in a row. I'm concerned that you're a 16 or 17 year old lion, if you show signs of old age we'll fix that too. Also I wish that the world accepted Sarah's high intelligence and granted her citizenship and full human rights, and was still expecting her to go to school and among other things, take Mr. James's history test tomorrow."

Sarah's mouth was open in astonishment.

Jon put down the stone. "You are my pet lion now Sarah. My pet with benefits. A hell of a way to lose my virginity. I'm glad it was so good for you too. But I won't stand for you skipping out on your education. Now. The magna carta. What were its main points?"

"Awooooooo..." Sarah groaned.

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