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69. A Big Bomb

68. Something Up

67. My Picks

66. The Troupe

65. Swan Lake

64. Going Over

63. Big Show

62. Killings

61. Leaving

60. Small Win

59. Tommy

58. Pregnancy

57. More Dates

56. Enforcements

55. First Date

54. Girlfriend??

53. A Big Break

52. Big Hotel

51. Expenses

50. Amber Avenue

Navigating Threats, Friendships and the Road

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Freedom and fucking made the outing even better in my mind. I gathered everyone together in my room. They were told that I had an announcement to make. I looked at all of them and said "We have done so much since we got our foothold in Askill Town. I could not have done this without all of you guys. That is why I, in the capacity of a lieutenant of the Diamond Butterflies, am going to promote you to made men when we return to our hotel." A beat of silence passed through them. There was then cries of joy and excitement. Nicolò, Araldo, Bernardo, Ronan and Cameron were ecstatic. Before we left I would need to prepare. That was easy. When I mentioned making the Nicolò, Araldo and Bernardo trio made men, he was all for it. He gave me all of the supplies I would need. Speaking to Ezio, he gave me enough for 5 more. I did not need to give him any names. Once I had those in hand, I put them in the back of my van. As I was rummaging around to make space, I thought I saw a random flash of light. Checking closer, I saw that there was a big bomb under the van. I had no clue what to do.

Just leaving it behind was all that I could do. There was no way for me to call the cops about this matter. All of the other mafiosos would think that I am a rat. That would not be good for me. I also had Daphne and my friends to think about. Getting them hurt because of a dispute would make me feel awful. I had only 1 option left. That was to take all of the crap out of the rigged van and put it in my room until I could get a new van. I made sure that we all went to Ronan's new car and checked it for anything suspicious. We even paid a kid to joyride it around the block for us. It was safe. The kid tried to flee us, but we were on all of the corners with guns. He would not be able to get out of the area alive. Making the right decision, he gave up and parked the car where he got it. I went to the nearest dealership and got a van. It was now time to go. I had a hunch on who did this, but it was not the time to go after suspects. Before we left, Nicolò, Araldo, Bernardo and I had to meet up with Emilio. Due to his new status, he was a fancy doctor now. They gave him a small hole-in-the-wall office to call a clinic.

Living far from friends was hard on them. Emilia was also there. Apparently, they were now dating each other. She was 3 years older than he was. It seemed that he was happy with the arrangement. That was all that mattered to me. He got to get closer to the Forte Family and his position would be strengthened as long as he did his job well. Emilio was a 5 star mob doctor. He could not fail. Not while he had the cute Emilia as an assistant and lover by his side. The only thing that could stop him was an assassin. He was not the best fighter, but he did have some experience in gunfights. We got to share some nice stories with each other and shoot the shit. When a very bloody customer came in, it was time for us to go. We said goodbye and made our way back to the hotel. Arminio and Asella were watching the van and car. It would be impossible to leave if our vehicles kept getting sabotaged with traps. It was time to start the journey back home. Ronan was well rested so we went throughout the whole first night without stopping. I wanted to be as far away as possible. He rested the second night.

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