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No Match for a Devil

avatar on 2023-11-17 08:18:46

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Really!? That just made me burst into laughter. I simply could not stop myself. All of them were looking at me. The cyborgs thought I was crazy. Brett was pissed off. "Let me guess: the baby is ugly too!" I chocked out between fits. My stomach and cheeks were both hurting. Brett glared at me and cracked his knuckles threateningly. This must really be a sore spot for him. "Alright, wise guy. You can go and deal with it then." he snarled as he stepped up to me. I looked at him and tried my best to calm down. It took me a while, but I was able to control myself. "Instead of fighting me, how about you spar with 01 or 03?" I proposed. 01 and 03 looked shocked. "I promised them a great fight, but there is no way I can take both of them on." I explained to a very confused Brett. He smirked and said "Good. I can take this shit out on someone at least." I looked at the AEP units. "You can decide which one of you wants to fight me and which one will take on Brett. I'll tell you now that Brett is the tougher fight." 01 quickly took me by the arm. "03 already had a chance. It's my turn to take you down." he told me.

Since that was true, there nothing 03 could say. He pouted as he walked over to Brett. "I am going to conquer you. You better be ready." Brett only rolled his eyes. There was no way that he could win against Brett. Now it was time to get on the elevator again. We needed to go to the dojo. Once we got there, I looked at Brett. "We should have your fight go first. They want to fight me so it will be like an opener." I said. He shrugged his shoulders. "It's not like a fight with me could be considered a grand finale." he snickered. That was true. No one would be pleased with a squash match after all the buildup. 03 and Brett went in the middle and got ready. Just like before, I watched as 03 ran through all of his weapons and organs. Brett just yawned. He had seen all of the things that he could do. Soon, he was ready to go. 01 wanted to be the one to count them down. I had no problems with that. The match started. Brett simply walked up to him and flicked him on the forehead. That was enough damage to knock 03 down to his primordial form. It was an instant loss. 01 and both the PEAs saw it happen.

That should not have been possible. They were shocked and beside themselves in worry. "Looks like he's having a good sleep. 03 simply did not have what it takes to go against me." Brett remarked as he rotated his arm at the shoulder joint smugly. All 3 of them ran over to 03's body. We gave them their space. 01 just looked at Brett and said "You cheated!" Everyone looked at them. Brett dug a finger into his ear. He asked "You really think that? How did I pull that off right in front of you?" "There is no way a human can do that to one of us. Especially not one with golden nanite armor plating!" 01 snapped at Brett. He just pat 01 on the head. "You want to try it out? You can always try to fight me." he teased. 01 rose to the bait. He had to. He was a Conqueror faction AEP unit after all. They squared off against each other. 01 dodged the flick to the forehead. He did not dodge the big punch to the gut. That also knocked him down to the primordial form. I pulled out a generator and turned it on. It gave them the energy to take human form and reboot themselves. I waited for them to wake up. "You lose." I said.

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