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459. Devon

458. Parking Lot

457. Honey Pot 2

456. Fleeing

455. Scared Stiff

454. Red Flags

453. A Retreat

452. Countdown

451. Rescue

450. Rebellion

449. Highway

448. A Hitch

447. Ignition

446. Sonic Launch

445. PBJ Launch

444. Water Launch

443. PBJ Officers

442. Blockade

441. Total War

440. Turning

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My number of kids would go up. We were going to have several together. I pulled out of him and I was limp. It really had been a while since the last time I had sex. I was also pretty pleased with the result. "It looks like it's your turn to have kids with me next." I said to the male PEA unit. He looked upset. "How is it possible for your inferior human genetics to overwrite my memory nanites!?" he demanded as he slammed his fist on the wall next to us. I just smirked at him. "Yeah. You should not have just let me cum inside of you." He glared at me. "What was your mission by the way? You can tell me about it now." He sighed and crossed his arms. "It was to kill you. If you got tired and weaker, it would make my job easier." he admitted. "Well, you can give up the mission and join me and my clan. You'll get a lot more out of being in our clan than doing these random hits where you have to fuck humans you hate." He looked at me and furrowed his brows. "I tried to trap and assassinate you here. You must be insane." he sighed. I smirked but said nothing. He rolled his eyes and smiled back. "I'll join you."

Now that he was a member, I wanted to name him. "I'll call you Devon." I told him. He just shrugged his shoulders. "Fine with me. I want to get this crap off of me. It is so gross." Devon said. He then yanked the earring out. The ear began to bleed. He did not care one bit. He knew that he could heal himself in the lab. That was a shame. I thought it gave him added charm. I knew that he was going to hate me saying it though. I kept the thought to myself because I did not want to start an argument. Before I knew it, our clan got even bigger. Once we hit the lounge, I relaxed a bit. That really was not a good idea. 01 and 03 both ran into the elevator right after we boarded it. I groaned and facepalmed as the doors closed behind them. "You promised us we would finish all of this with a fight.' 01 said with his arms crossed. "You were the ones that refused to fight me. You guys thought it would be funnier to chase me around the dessert with those kidnapping tools." I said through grit teeth. 03 rolled his eyes at me. "We told you those were for when we won." he said. The elevator arrived at the Main Hall.

Ostensibly, that was true. They did not see themselves on my level, so they did not feel the need to lie. If they were only keeping it in the rare case that I tried to run after a loss, that could be something they would keep to. On the other hand, 01 had indeed roofied me before. Both 01 and 03 date raped me and stole tons of money from me using my phone. It was something that they would definitely do if they saw a way to capture me even if they lost. I was not wrong to distrust them. Especially when a genuine plea from me went totally ignored. They refused to destroy the tools or even put them away. Even when they saw me shaking on the ground. Devon looked over at them. "Are they members of the clan?" he asked. I sighed and did my best to give him the quick version of the conversation. He looked at me with a very amused look on his face. I asked him why he was looking at me like that. He leaned closer so his mouth was by my ear. "You really are a very strange human." he whispered. A red heat instantly rose to my cheeks. 01 and 03 balked. "No! You cannot mate with a PEA." 01 said.

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