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458. Parking Lot

457. Honey Pot 2

456. Fleeing

455. Scared Stiff

454. Red Flags

453. A Retreat

452. Countdown

451. Rescue

450. Rebellion

449. Highway

448. A Hitch

447. Ignition

446. Sonic Launch

445. PBJ Launch

444. Water Launch

443. PBJ Officers

442. Blockade

441. Total War

440. Turning

439. Funding

Sex in a Parking Lot

avatar on 2023-11-17 08:15:04

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Jumping to it, he bent over and could perfectly touch his toes. "Come over." he said between his legs. That was whimsical of him. I had a big question. "You don't want to lean against the wall? We can move over a bit if you want." I asked with a raised eyebrow. "It's fine with me. It's not like you can do much anyway." he smirked. The male unit pulled down his shorts tantalizingly slow. It certainly looked sexy to me. He was not wearing any underwear. He said "Humans simply cannot keep up with us. You know that, clan engineer." He then gave a playful slap on his own ass. "You probably won't be able to even keep your erection long enough to get me going." he added. I felt like I've been here together. I guessed it was time to put up or shut up now. I walked over to them and pulled my pants down. Grabbing my dick, I stroked it up full hardness. "Ah, the manual approach." the male said. I just took her by the hip and pressed the head of my dick to her entrance. "You don't have to be so nervous here. It isn't my first time with humans. Try your best alright." he said. I ignored it and began to fuck him.

Killing was bad. Fucking him felt really good. All the cyborgs felt great regardless of the sex. My grip on his hips tightened as I went full strength inside. He was mocking me. Sarah was faking it to keep her identity as a cyborg under cover. Here, this cocky PEA unit was condescending towards me by sighing out loud. He was also rolling his eyes. That was not going to stop me from enjoying this experience. I could feel myself getting closer. "I'm close. Do you want me to finish inside!?" I asked, panting. A snarky grin spread on his face. "Do what feels better for you." he told me. Given I had the option here, I was not going to choose the option that felt better for me. Fuck him. I was not going to cum in his ass now. When the cum was right at the head, I let go of both hips and pulled out with my spurts of cum. I took a step back as I was kind of tired. The PEA unit was smirking at me. I had to admit that the strain here was no joke. All of them were really good at sex. I did not want him to mock me too, so I gave the male PEA unit a reach around. He jolted a bit with a gasp. I felt his ass tighten slightly.

Losing here was not something that I wanted to do. Cyborgs found masturbating foreign. None of them did it. "Wha-what are you doing!?' he asked in surprise. The smug confidence was now gone from his face. While I was thrusting back and forth inside of him, I was jerking him off. I could feel him getting harder and harder in my grasp. I kept going at it. I was not in a need to cum too early. I already blew my first load. After another six minutes, I was getting close again. I told him that. I was not surprised when he grunted and gave a long count down. "Memory nanite ejection in 20... 19... 18...17" he groaned. I thrusted faster. When he got down to the count of 9, I stopped moving. I did not want to give him the pleasure of cumming. He had other plans. He bucked back on me and tightened up even more than before. That pushed me over the edge. I moaned really lewdly as I shot a huge load in his asshole. It simply felt too good to hold back on him. The male PEA unit also collapsed forward. I was inside of him, so my body fell with his. Being a peak PEA, he was able to catch himself pretty easily.

It did not mean he was not breathing heavily though. The tightening of his ass made me shoot over the edge. "So you went ahead and came inside of me?" the PEA said that with deep disappointment. His black memory nanites were not splashed out on the ground in front of us. He was able to hold it back. After two intense orgasms, I was totally spent. There was no way in hell I could see myself getting up on my own. "Thanks. It was good." was what I said to him in his ear. He just sighed and said "Do not mention it. Seriously. Hold my waist. I'm getting up." That was when I got the popup. We were different races, so there was a -50 penalty. My base fertility was now at a massive 855. His was a measly 5. This PEA had the sexual upgrade. He was at black rank. Black nanites only had a 5% chance to create a memory card. If he did not have the upgrade, there would be no ability for her to get pregnant at all. That was still a 840% chance of pregnancy. It was a total certainty now. There was the -200 penalty due to the failsafe. Even with the penalties, there was still a 640% chance of pregnancy.

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