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454. Red Flags

453. A Retreat

452. Countdown

451. Rescue

450. Rebellion

449. Highway

448. A Hitch

447. Ignition

446. Sonic Launch

445. PBJ Launch

444. Water Launch

443. PBJ Officers

442. Blockade

441. Total War

440. Turning

439. Funding

438. Visitation

437. Scarred

436. Asking 02

435. Rougher

Suspicious Guy

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I could see that both of them had serious looks on their faces. They also were both carrying pretty large bags with them. I asked what they were for. Neither of them gave me an answer. Since they were Conquerors, I did not take it to heart and ignored it. That was just how they were. I sighed and said "Well then, I don't believe you 2 came here to listen to what the God of the Sky can do for you." Both of them looked disgusted that I would even ask them that. "There is no power higher in the universe than our progenitors." 03 said firmly. 01 nodded and added "That's why we're trying so hard to bring them here." I shrugged my shoulder. "Well, the progenitors that want what you want. We're also trying to bring all the Advocate progenitors over here. The Researcher progenitors too." "Those aren't the true progenitors!" 03 snapped. "Huh!?" I asked despite myself. I was really caught off guard by that outburst. "Real progenitors won't have to ask humans for permission to take what they want." 01 explained. If I gauged their attitudes and programming, the Conqueror progenitors probably were big assholes.

At the moment, I was not going to say that to them though. Because of their programming, they were fanatic about the progenitors. All of the cyborgs were. It was just the expression of their devotion was different. I was not the one that was going to stop them from their pipe dream. I was not going to let Conqueror progenitors invade the planet though. That would simply be horrible for all the humans. I personally did not want to be enslaved by the childish 01 or 03. I did not care how well they would treat me. They had already shown that they could not be able to take care of anyone that was not a full-bloodied cyborg in their clan. Being their pet or toy would disgust me to the point I would not be able to continue playing the game. Not without getting a totally new character on another server. A human and PEA unit came over to us. They both wanted healing. I looked at the human and cast a low level healing spell on her. She was pleased with the results and left. I was curious about the PEA unit now. He did not look that suspicious. I had not seen him here before though. That was a really big red flag.

Being that this was a niche foreign religion, there should not be any random PEA units converting here. There were those that formed their clan to protect this place and the ones that were part of my clan. Most PEA units were serving as a cleaner for the transmission hub. Some clans used them as personal enforcers or assassins if the clan's members were the ones to give birth to them. But that was on the condition that the clan had a PEA Lab to maintenance and take care of them. Advocate clans all converted. Some of Magnetic Clan converted too as a result of 04 getting married. There was no real reason for him to be a member of the religion. He said "Hello. Can I speak to you outside? They said that you could help me." Rubbing my chin, I looked him over for a bit. "I'm sorry, but I don't think that I've met you before." I apologized to him. He just smiled and said "Don't worry. I'm new." He was really suspicious now. "Wow! Where have you come from? Lightning Clan's base is not too far. Or are you from Neo-Rutten!?" I said, faking interest. He only puffed out his chest. "This is my 16th mission."

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