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3. A student from the other world

2. A universe where Earth is conn

1. The Drafting Board

Myths on Earth: New exchange student

on 2023-11-16 10:54:49
Episode last modified by Chompy on 2023-11-16 13:59:33

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With the opening of new worlds, and people travelling from Earth to its Fantastical counterpart, it wasn’t long before new work and various exchanges took place. The other world expressed some ‘reservations’ about freedom of travel, but Earth was quite insistent. There was, of course a legal need to establish a treaty which was quickly done, treating the other world as any other nation but… certain issues kept on cropping up. Humans were naturally concerned of literal ‘wizards’ moving around on Earth and the magical world had some concerns of ordinary humans not knowing what they were getting into when exploring their realms… so there was always some ‘legalese’ to hop through when travelling, but for the most part people could move around like they were visiting another country.

As time went by, humans found themselves settling on the magical world… but also some of the magical folk would settle on Earth. They had families of their own, somehow the ‘magic’ correcting for any natural issues that would come up with such unions…

Though there was always a fear of a ‘cosmic instability’ happening, though neither Earth nor the Magical realm understood what the consequences of this would be.

Thomas Morson was a typical teenager studying in Bright-oak College. He had slightly rough black hair and was quite tall and thin. A bit of a nerd, he tended to enjoy playing various card-games and table top games. He was talking with his friend Kevin about the new student they had heard would be coming. “I heard she’s from the other world."

Kevin was a lot like Thomas though a little shorter. He usually liked to play video games and the two friends often played well with the other when it came to computers, dungeons and dragons and other games. He had light blonde hair and was a little stockier. A tiny bit of acne on his face but otherwise not in bad shape. “Maybe it’s a dryad hm?”

Thomas grinned and laughed at that. They had been learning about all the different kind of races that were possible… and it was surprising that all their stories had a basis in fact. Heck, they used most of them in their card games, so as far as different races were concerned, they could be considered ‘experts’. "Maybe it's a spider girl?”

“Ew… no way!” Kevin shook his head quickly. “Unless it’s the 'acual' spider-gir" He thought quietly. "Maybe she could be just an ordinary elf?”

“You know elves are not ordinary. They are like- ‘perfect humans’. They live forever, can do a ton of magic… and have awesome hair.” At least that was how Hollywood portrayed them.

“They are going to make a new Lord of the Rings- with an actual elf playing. Even Hobbits!” Kevin said excitedly. “Can you imagine that?”

Thomas sighed. “Yeah I get it but… I mean- if they ‘are’ actually real elves, maybe it would be more fun to see what they actually do rather then just act as themselves? I dunno…” It was always a little weird to see real fantasy creatures play themselves on TV. Even the mascots of various breakfast cereals was getting in on that.

“You know what I hope for though really?” Kevin thought. “I um- I really… really hope it’s a dragon girl…” he gave a slight blush.

Thomas laughed at that. Of course, Kevin would. “Dude, stop watching anime it’s bad for your health.”

Kevin blushed even more. “Hey come on! I just think having a dragon girl around could be… fun… you know someone like Il-”

“No God no… don’t drag me into this weirdness,” Thomas quickly shook his head. “Besides I heard the new girl is a cat-girl.”

“R-Really?!” Kevin gasped. “Man- do you think I could have a shot with…”

“Cat-girls are ‘weird’ in the other world, I have no idea.” Thomas had heard the various rumours. A lot of people were disappointed by the reality of trying to live with a ‘cat girl’.

The two teenagers were caught up in the crowd as they entered their classroom and took their seat. Naturally ‘everyone’ in class wondered who it would be…

The girls were chatting among themselves but even their huge network of friends couldn’t unravel who the exchange was- although one person managed to find out it was a girl… news that made the other girls even more curious.

The teacher, Heather Drews. calmed the class down standing at the front. “Hello everyone. Now as I’m sure you have heard; we have a new student. I want you all to welcome her…”

There was a brief hush as the girl appeared… walking through the door. She walked with one set of paws first… followed by another set behind her. Walking on four legs approached a sphinx! She had a rather calm looking demeanour, looking with Firey red hair and cool green eyes. Her human face was exceptionally fair. She had a rather ‘bemused’ look, one could certainly say as ‘cat like’ as the rest of her body. Bright Golden wings rested at her side. Her lion body looked exceptionally well groomed with a very shiny orange coat that really went well with her wings. Dashes of white particularly on her paws contrasted the fur with a beautiful pattern of swirls around her stomach.

Everyone’s jaw dropped.

The sphinx decided to speak as she ‘sat’ on her haunches. “Ahem. I am Lady Teresa Wyn. You may address me as Lady Teresa. I will be learning of humans and their…” She gave a look of quiet disdain… “… unique methods. It will be an interesting assignment, I am sure. I will require an assistant, guide, and someone to prepare my meals for me, followed by a groomer and messenger.”

A lot of the girl stared at her and giggled. “She’s so cute!” a girl could be heard saying.

The boys glanced around each other not quite sure ‘what’ to make of the situation. A lot of them had imagined a ‘gorgeous’ woman but were perhaps a little disappointed.

Kevin stared at her with a… confused look. “I can’t tell- is she gorgeous or… uh… lion parts um…”

The teacher cleared her throat. “Yes, thank you Miss Teresa-“

“Lady Teresa.” The sphinx corrected.

“…Lady Teresa needs a chaperone,” she said deciding that would be the best way to work with her demands.

“-and a cook and-“

“Let’s.. start with just a Chaperone, shall we?” The teacher sighed. “Would there be any volunteers?”

“I will choose her,” Lady Teresa gestured to a rather quiet girl in the corner. “Yes, she will do for now.”

The girl looked up suddenly. She had kept herself to herself for the most part. She wore glasses and her name was Isabel Ambers. She had soft blonde hair and had a rather ‘kid’ like look to her general appearance. She rubbed her hands confused. “Uh- I- I’m probably not the best um-“ she was a ‘very’ shy girl… known for being in the chess-club and that was about it.

Lady Teresa darted next to her. “You have been chosen. I will provide you with a schedule as part of my entourage.” The sphinx explained. “Of course, I’ll have you meet my mother the Countess of Wynlow. Try to look your best when that happens.”

Isabel was looking with wide eyed shock and this seemed a bit too much for her. “A-Ah- I see- well- yes I- guess I- um-“

Lady Teressa slumped down next to her desk sitting like a lion would. “Indeed. Bring me my assignment…”

The teacher looked rather confused at all this herself and felt like she was losing control of the situation. “Well- I suppose if Isabel does not object, will you help Ter- er- Lady Teresa and show her around the school?”

“S-Sure…” Isabel nodded. “Um-“She hesitantly put a hand next to Lady Teressa’s head.

“Yes, I will allow you the joy of petting me.” Teresa sighed. “A small benefit for working with me I am sure.”

The teacher looked as bemused now as she could. “…well… good luck Isabel. Ahem… as for your assignments…”

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