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42. Someone Finds the Stone Before

41. They Go Exploring...Meanwhile

40. Blonde Athena

39. We've Got a Problem

38. Back to Athena and Sam

37. Beff Becomes Beth

36. Someone Looking For Beff?

35. Biff Escapes

34. This is Definitely Too Much

33. Biff Makes Another Friend

32. Biff Gets Freaked out by Neatn

31. Zelda and Biff

30. Things Happen

29. Hand Holding

28. A Glow

27. What's Your Name?

26. Consultation

25. The Noticer

24. Growth

23. The New Jon

Transmutation: Someone Finds the Stone First

avatar on 2023-11-14 22:54:48

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"What an odd thing to find in the hallway," someone said, picking up the small stone with the reddish hue, not realizing that it was actually much more than just a simple everyday rock. It was the wishing stone! But who was it who found it? And what inevitable wish would he or she make?

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