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41. They Go Exploring...Meanwhile

40. Blonde Athena

39. We've Got a Problem

38. Back to Athena and Sam

37. Beff Becomes Beth

36. Someone Looking For Beff?

35. Biff Escapes

34. This is Definitely Too Much

33. Biff Makes Another Friend

32. Biff Gets Freaked out by Neatn

31. Zelda and Biff

30. Things Happen

29. Hand Holding

28. A Glow

27. What's Your Name?

26. Consultation

25. The Noticer

24. Growth

23. The New Jon

22. Changes Unperceived

Transmutation: They Go Exploring...Meanwhile in the Friend Zone

on 2023-11-11 09:26:07

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Athena scrunched her face in slight confusion. Wasn't it always blonde? But then again, she knew that things were changing and that Sam was able to notice. But regardless of all of that, it felt totally normal to see herself with long curly blonde hair.

Sam sighed. "I...I'm not going to be able to stop this, am I?" He concluded.

"Make things the way they were before? Probably not," Athena said, honestly. "But...maybe stop it from changing more...whatever is going isn't happening instantly. And if not...we'll get through this."

"This means I'm going to have to go out there again...and see..everything getting weirder....and no one knowing but me..."

"I know...even if I can't recognize it without your help," Athena said.

"How wherever you were going?" He suggested. "I'll just follow you..."

She nodded, and they left the bathroom. The hallway continued to look different...fresh coat of paint, better lighting, and the doors along the hallways seemed spaced differently. He paused as they passed by an open door. Inside, there were round tables, and at the front, some sort of counter.

"What's that?" He asked.

"They serve coffee, tea, snacks...and people eat lunch there. Is that wrong? I mean...I bought a tea there this morning..."

He shook his head. "It wasn't there before."

Elsewhere in the building, Kyla Leeson entered a room and sat down at a desk next to Jay Duncan.

"I finally did it..." Jay said.

"Did what?"

"Asked Karyn out," Jay said.

Kyla paused. Something about that bothered her...but she wasn't sure what. "Good for you. Where are you taking her?"

"We didn't say. I'm going to pick her up at 7..."

"Jay...did you ask her out or not....remember last time? You invited her and she brought her friend along?" Kyla said. "Did the word date actually come up?"

Jay frowned, thinking about it. "I don't see you in a relationship."

"Well...I just rescued a damsel in distress," Kyla bragged. "A very cute one...and...but very clumsy I think..."

"You get a meet cute and I'm stuck in the friend zone," Jay commented. "What's the damsel's name?"

"Beth Meadows...New, I think. Got lost also."

" sense of direction, clumsy....but cute?"

"Yeah..." Kyla sighed, hoping she'd get another chance to run into 'Beth'. But for now, she got back to work.

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