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27. Second Date

26. Rumbling

25. Delinquent

24. Another

23. First Time

22. Draining

21. Reveal

20. Meet Up

19. Dating App

18. Getting Away

17. First Crimes

16. The Score

15. Delinquents

14. Ovuliparity

13. He Tries It

12. Leave Benson

11. Benson Gives In

10. Benson Resists

9. Sabotage Them

8. Perfected Mask

Meeting Hiroshi

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Jokes aside, it was very easy to take him inside of me. He was way too injured to move or struggle much. I was able to walk down the street easily. I started to make my way over to where we were supposed to meet up. He was not like Elliot at all. He actually wanted to meet me a café for a first date. When I got there, I was surprised at the venue. It was a maid café. I had never been to one before. Only in anime had I ever seen them used. To think that this jock had this type of taste was interesting. I guess that this was what gap moe meant. Then again, he was also the type to post a profile picture of him crossdressing on a dating app. Since I was early, I had to wait outside. I did manage to gather that this was a special day. Couples got to make use of the special menu. Apparently you got a much larger serving of their desserts for a discounted price. The parfait and milkshakes were in a double sized glass. It only cost 10% more than a regular large order for a single person too. The problem was that you had to be a couple to get it. I now saw why he wanted this date. I was his means to an end.

Killing the delinquent was not something I could do at the moment. I had began draining him from the moment I picked him up. He was uncomfortable, but alive. Then again, he was beat down and almost gangraped. It was a miracle he was saved at all. I waited for the redheaded jock to arrive. He came to the café 10 minutes early. He was smiling wide. I smirked seeing him look so happy for something so simple. His eyes widened when he recognized me. He had a smaller smile on his face as he approached. "Hey. You're yELLOWkID123, right?" he asked. "Yep. You're Hiroshi, right?" I responded. He nodded. "Good. This is good. I wanted to make sure to be here a bit early so I could look out for you. Since we're both here, we can go inside right now." he said after a beat. I let him lead the way. He was certainly familiar with all the staff. We got a table together. "The maid for this table is really sharp, so be on your toes if she asks us couple questions." he warned. I nodded my head. The maid came over to us 3 minutes later. She asked us what we wanted to order. Hiroshi ordered their parfait.

Looking at he squint at us made me a bit uncomfortable. She pushed her glasses up against the bridge of her nose. "Young masters, I am so sorry but that item is on our couples menu. Only those in couples may order it at the price listed." she informed us. Hiroshi nodded and said "Don't worry. We are a couple, Mei." Mei the maid turned to face me. She looked really skeptical. "Is this true, young master!?" she asked. I just nodded my head at her. "Of course we are a couple. This is a date." I said really calmly. She still did not look convinced. "Why are you dating Hiro!?" she demanded. I looked at her and said "Why not!? Are you sure you're supposed to speak like that to customers? I do not like your tone." She gasped and straightened up right away. "Sorry. I'll be back with your order shortly." she said before rushing to the back. There was nothing to be said. I was a paying customer, so I did not need to be questioned or sassed by some maid in a ridiculous café. Hiroshi looked at me with a sparkling eyes. "Thanks for getting rid of her, man. She's the only maid that still lets me sit here." he said.

My opinion about that state of affairs was kept to myself. There was no need to make him upset by saying what I really thought. The parfait came and it looked good. He smiled as it was set on the table. There were 2 spoons already in the bowl. I took one of them and looked into it. I could see my reflection in it. Hiroshi scoffed and said "I hope you're ready. That spoon is not as good as the parfait. Trust me." I dug my spoon into it and began eating. Hiroshi did the same. When we were finished, he smiled and said "Thanks for the date. It was fine while it lasted." He got up and placed a few bills on the table. I got up as well. We then left the café together. "I guess that we can call this a date. I might call you if something like this opens up again." Hiroshi smirked. It seemed that he was not interested in trying to go for sex with me at all. That was fine with me. I already had a Blessed Human to use like a living battery. It was not the dragon's fire, but the Earth energy flowing into me was still really good. There was no weak element after all. It was all a matter of how you used it. I was going to get stronger.

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