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22. Draining

21. Reveal

20. Meet Up

19. Dating App

18. Getting Away

17. First Crimes

16. The Score

15. Delinquents

14. Ovuliparity

13. He Tries It

12. Leave Benson

11. Benson Gives In

10. Benson Resists

9. Sabotage Them

8. Perfected Mask

7. Make Contact

6. Hive Mind

5. Skill Allocation

4. Zodia

3. Random Options

Holding Hands

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Good, Evil or Neutral people did not matter to the animal gods of the Zodiac. It was all a total whim to them. A child could be born to a pair of Blessed Humans and have no patron at all. The inverse was also true here. Even among those that were chosen, it was random. A Dog and a Dragon could have a Pig child. Benson was a massive bully to those who could not fight back against him. He was used to violence and using his passive abilities to get his way. That was why he transformed into his magical boy form as soon as he saw what was happening. Everything was screaming that this was not okay to Elliot. He had eyed the door several times. I was not going to let him get away, but I honestly doubted that I could outrun someone blessed by the Rabbit. So why did he not try? The difference between Benson and Elliot was Elliot was a regular person. He was good looking and very pleasing to the eyes. He could get by on sexual appeal just as much as Benson could on strength. He was a civilian that had never been around much violence. Transforming was not even a thought in his mind now.

Running was his best bet, but instead he leaned closer. "I... uh... don't really feel comfortable with that. How about we move on!? I already prepared, so you can fuck me now." he said nervously. I just shook my head. "I told you already. It won't work. We'll both be uncomfortable. I'll be overstimulated down there without actually being able to get off. Your ass is going to get tired too." I said. His faced turned towards the door. I had to do something or he would come to the obvious conclusion. I cleared my throat and his attention snapped back to me. "How about this: I don't have to cover you. We can simply hold hands. Would you like that?" I asked. Elliot furiously nodded his head. I smiled and reached my hand out. Just like with a real rabbit, I had to be really careful not to scare him away. Whether he knew this or not, we were enemies. I wanted to use him as a living battery and drain him. He clearly did not want that. Our lines were drawn in the sand. I was going to do what I needed to to get my way. He shakily reached his hand out to me. I took it and began draining him. Elliot gasped out audibly.

Draining his energy, I could tell it was indeed Wood energy. It felt much different from Benson's energy. I could not confirm whether he was a Rabbit though. I would need to see his transformation for that. Unlike normal mortal beings, Blessed Humans had unlimited life energy. There was nothing other than him dying that would stop the flow of energy into me. It was also easy to keep him awake throughout the night by simply talking to him and telling him stories. People pulled all-nighters all the time. It was a common occurrence. However, they needed sleep to rest their brain. Lack of sleep could kill a person. When you were a Blessed Human, that was not an issue for them. The patron was simply flooding their body with energy. Blessed Humans could learn to train their bodies to channel that energy. Some even got to the point they gained mystical powers or became immortal. If it was possible for them, I could do the same with a battery giving me limitless energy as I leveled up from my crimes. The possibilities were endless. We had all night to get started. I drained him until it was time to go.

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