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41. Baylie meets Jonatha

40. The pink bus

39. Gwen is overwhelmed

38. Hirstory

37. First day of school

36. Baylie and Gwen find something

35. Monday morning arrives

34. A day around the television

33. The next day

32. Postgame celebrations

31. Football? Booooring

30. Idle talk

29. Meanwhile

28. Pregame surprises

27. Heading to the game

26. Getting ready for the game

25. Meet the new Baylie

24. Matilda has some exciting news

23. Baylie gives Matilda a shock

22. From the barbershop to the sal

GRR: Meeting the Third Buddie

avatar on 2023-11-09 15:02:36

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Baylie looked up from hys compact as hei felt the bus come to a stop. Hei had taken the cue from hys mothir and had started checking hys makeup regularly, like the rest of the bois. In fact, hei had been concentrating so much on touching up hys makeup that hei hadn't even noticed that they had arrived. Hei had even managed to tune Willow out; the boi was still gossiping away, unaware that Baylie wasn't listening.

When the bus came to a stop and the doors swung open, Baylie stood up along with the rest of the bois as they began to file out. Fortunately, Baylie worked hys way into the line not too far behind Biffanie and Brittanie, although they waited for hym once they had got off.

Saying goodbye to Willow, Baylie joined hys brotherelles on the schoolyard. It wasn't long, however, before Brittanie spotted hys friends, and hei quickly ran off to join them giving hys brotherelles a little wave as hei ran. Sensing that Baylie was feeling a bit bewildered by everything, Biffanie grabbed hys hand and led hym inside. Finding hymself once again in the ghastly pink and white halls of the bois' school, Baylie let hymself be dragged by Biffanie as hei took them to their shared locker.

As it turned out, someone had already beaten them to it. As they approached, Baylie could see someone rummaging around inside their shared locker. Hei was bent over at the waist so that hys bottom was sticking out. The dress that hei was wearing was so short and tight that it left little to the imagination, even from this angle. Baylie had to pinch hymself to remind hym that this was a boi. It was the sort of view that hei would have enjoyed from a girl from his world, but here, hei didn't want anyone thinking that hei was gay or something.

As they got closer, the boi got up from hys crouch and stepped back, offering Baylie a full view. Like all the other bois that hei had seen so far, this one was blonde, and hei wore a pink strapless dress with matching heels. Finished with hys search, hei looked around and spotted Baylie and Biffanie. Hys face formed a wide smile showing off hys pink painted lips.

"Biffanie!" hei squealed, so loudly that Baylie cringed, as hei ran towards them and threw hys arms around Biffanie.

Biffanie, equally as excited, returned the hug. "Wow! Jonatha, you look amazing in that dress," hei complimented.

Jonatha beamed and did a little pose. "Thanks, Mom got it for me this weekend. You look amazing as always, Biffy. And who's this?" Jonatha asked as hei finally spotted Baylie standing awkwardly to the side.

"Oh, you'll never guess what, Jonatha," Biffanie replied excitedly. "This is my cousin, Baylie. Hei's going to be staying with us for a while."

"Ooh! How exciting," Jonatha squealed. "I didn't know Biffanie had a cousin… and I'm hys best friend!" Hei gave Baylie a hug.

"Um… I'm a long distant cousin," Baylie managed to reply as Jonatha pulled hym into the embrace. While the hug wasn't exactly bone-crushing (Jonatha was a boi, after all), it still left Baylie gasping for air when Jonatha released the hug.

"Wow… Baylie! You are huge!" hei exclaimed. "It’s like hugging a tree." As Jonatha admired hys physique, Baylie was able to get a good look at Jonatha. Although they didn't have much interaction—except for when Biff bullied him—Baylie could tell that this was definitely Jon Gibson, although hei was a lot different from the Jon that Biff knew.

Baylie gave a nervous laugh. Hei figured that it was probably a bit unusual for a boi to have muscles like hei did.

"Yeah, I guess I'm just big-boned," hei replied, unsure of what to say.

"Baylie's going to be our extra buddie," Biffanie explained, quickly changing the subject.

Jonatha's eyes grew wide. "Oh, that's like, so cool. I've never heard of anyone having two buddies before." If Baylie strained to listen, hei could hear a little bit of Jon in Jonatha’s voice.

"Yeah, I guess it is unusual… But they decided to make an exception for Baylie since it's the middle of the school year and Baylie's new in town."

Jonatha nodded. "That makes sense." Hei clapped hys hands excitedly. "Ooh, this is going to be sooo much fun. Come, Baylie, let me show you our locker!" Hei grabbed Baylie's hand and brought hym in front of the locker. Baylie looked at it in disbelief. It looked more like a wardrobe instead of an actual locker. Instead of shelves to place their books there was a section divided by a shelf for them to hang clothes. The bois already had several outfits hanging from the railing inside. On the shelf above, there were a few books crammed to one side, but the remaining space was jammed full of makeup and extra jewellery. Hanging on the inside of the locker door was a mirror, which Baylie guessed that the bois used to touch up their makeup. It reminded Baylie of Sharpay's locker from High School Musical. How many times had hei watched that film with Sarah?

"Oops," Jonatha broke the silence as Baylie took in the contents of the locker. "It looks like we'll have to make some room for your extra outfits." Hei pushed their clothes to one side, clearing room for a couple of outfits for Baylie.

"Um, thanks," Baylie mumbled, realizing that next time hei would have to bring extra outfits. "Why do you need extra outfits, anyway?"

Jonatha looked at Baylie in shock. "Are you serious? What if you got something on your dress at lunch and you had to change? What if, Goddess forbid, another boi wore the same outfit as you? I'd die of embarrassment if another boi turned up in the same outfit as me."

Baylie reluctantly nodded. Hei supposed that, in some way, it kind of made sense. Hei briefly wondered if the girls from hys world worried about that sort of stuff.

"Speaking of outfits," Jonatha continued, changing the subject, "we have dance next. What outfit are you going to wear?"

Baylie looked at Jonatha confused. Hei shrugged hys shoulders. Jonatha, flabbergasted, turned to Biffanie.

"Seriously? With those muscles and Baylie's lack of fashion knowledge, you'd think that hei was a gurl."

Biffanie gave a nervous laugh. It was scary how close to the truth Jonatha actually was. Thinking quickly, Biffanie reached into the locker and pulled out an outfit.

"Here.” Hei gently pulled it out to show Baylie. "You can borrow this for today since you're already borrowing my dress. Tomorrow, though, you need to bring your own."

Baylie muttered a thanks to Biffanie. Jonatha looked as if hei was about to say more, but Baylie was saved by the bell.

"Come on," Jonatha urged, grabbing Baylie's hand once again. "We need to get ready for dance."

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