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2. Sticky Noting Reality (SNR)

1. The Drafting Board

Sticky Noting Reality

on 2023-11-07 19:58:15

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Aware Magic Unaware

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“I think we should try something a little… different tonight~” Karyn suggested, reaching into her bag beside the bed as Jon took off his shorts. They had been dating for a few months at this point and had been getting very serious.

“Like what? We’ve already tried just about every kink you can think of, but hey, I’m always down to try something new.” Now naked, he says down on the bed next to her.

Much to his confusion, she extracted a small pad of yellow sticky notes and a blue pen and a red pen. She held them up and smiled almost expectantly, waiting for his response.

“Sticky notes? Are we gonna… write ideas down?” Jon chuckled, utterly confused.

“No, no, I bought these from a magic shop. Trust me, they actually work. I tried a few myself.” She said, uncapping the blue pen and scribbling down something. “They allow you to change whatever you stick them to by writing what you want to change.”

“They change things? It’s a piece of paper with adhesive, it’s only gonna change an office management—“ he was cut off as Karyn tore the note she scribbled off and smacked it onto his shoulder without warning.

Before Jon could react, both of his arms vanished, leaving only smooth skin where they once were. He blinked dumbly at the empty spaces for a moment before managing to croak out a “wut”.

“See, I wrote that you don’t have arms.” She happily said as she peeled the note off his shoulder and instantly his arms returned. “Anything written in blue pen is noticed by everyone, but anything written in red pen is considered to be completely normal to everyone except the person who wrote it.

“Wait, so you can literally alter reality with these things?” Jon said, allowing himself to get caught up in the excitement.

“Yeah, literally anything. They do have a protection that won’t allow any harm or death to happen and everything is undone when the note is peeled off.”

Jon swiped the pad and blue pen and looked around for something completely crazy to try. He spotted a cup on top of his dresser and scribbled down

Skin is made of ceramic but can still move

He slapped it onto his chest instantly his skin had a white reflective sheen to it and Karyn gasped. He experimentally reached up and tapped his chest and it gave a distinct clink sound and was smooth and hard to the touch.

“This is so crazy. No way this is real,” he muttered, his lips clicking similarly every time they touched.

He peeled off the note and instantly his skin was back to its soft, fleshy self.

“What else should we try?” Karyn asked, excited.

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