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11. Blending Button: Twins?

10. Karyn doesn't trust Jon

9. Jon Decides To Do It

8. Should They Use It Some More?

7. A Bra

6. Stephanie Farber (2)

5. Steve Farber

4. Girls' Locker Room

3. Blending In

2. Big Red Button

1. You Are What You Wish

Blending Button: Smart Twin and Popular Twin

on 2023-11-04 03:20:52

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MTF TF Twin Unaware

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Kelly and Lily Hutchinson were walking into the locker room as John pressed the button. These twins were well known as being close with each other. They did share similar tastes and interests. They were as close as family could be to one another, and not just because they were identical twins. Each one’s strengths covered for the other’s weaknesses.

Kelly was the quiet and introverted twin who spent her time studying and learning. While she wasn’t one to try to stand out, she wasn’t particularly trying to engage with other people who weren’t her twin. Thus, not many people knew what she liked to do in her free time.

Lily was the outgoing and friendly twin who spent her time socializing and gossiping. While she wasn’t necessarily looking to be the center of attention like Sarah, she somehow always was near where drama was happening. You’d think that as part of the popular group she would be apart from her twin more, but in her free time she usually was found near her more often than not.

John heard their voices as he pressed the button. He wasn’t sure why either of them were coming in since neither did sports. All he was worried about was Lily catching him in the locker room.

“Ok, are you certain Ms. Smith saw you walk in?” Lily asked.

“I’m certain, but are we really going to do this?” Kelly nervously replied.

“We’re basically almost done with the plan.” Lily nudged Kelly.

“No one will know.”

“Except me.” Said a voice like the twins.

“Jenny!?” Exclaimed Lily and Kelly together.

John was now Jenny, the third identical Hutchinson daughter. The remote had made John fit in with not only his surroundings, but also the people entering into the locker room. He became the athletic Hutchinson triplet.

Jenny was close with her sisters. She was the star athlete of the basketball team. The aura around her was a cool loner girl who not many approached. She spent her time either training or with her sisters. Being both athletic and mysterious to others made her have quite a fandom at school.

“Whatcha up to?” Jenny smiled.

“Oh we were just…” Kelly started to say.

“Switching places.” Lily finished shocking Kelly.

“I assumed so, daddy also threatened to take away your allowance if you didn’t get higher grades?” Jenny said.

“You’re also failing math? I thought that you need C average to play in sports.” Kelly asked.

“I do, and Mr. Jones has been lenient with grading me recently. Now, he is demanding to see improvement with this test. If I don’t get an A, I won’t be able to play in the next couple games.” Jenny explained.

“So will you please help your favorite sister out?”

“What am I going to do with you two…” Kelly shook her head.

“By the way, what is that remote in your hand?” Lily asked her.

“To be honest, I don’t really remember why I was here or what this remote is.” Jenny shrugged.

“Ok, well we can worry about it later. I need to switch into Lily’s clothes first then. I’ll meet you back here after 1st period and swap with you. Then when lunch comes around we’ll swap back.” Kelly told Jenny.

“Roger.” Said Jenny.

“Then we can also mess with that remote with one button too!” Lily added.

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