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7. Sydney Calls Out For Help

6. Sydney Needs Help

5. Ocean

4. Migration

3. Café

2. And now for something complete

1. You Are What You Wish

CAFÉ: Sydney Calls Out For Help

on 2023-11-03 03:17:50

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Lyndsay shushed the chattering customers. "Do you hear that? It sounds like someone yelling for help."

Jerry listened intently, then groaned. "It's that damn girl again."

"Girl? What girl?" Dawn asked. But then she remembered Sydney, a fairly harmless teenager who occasionally ticked off Jerry because she liked to sit underneath the delivery porch out back, using it as a favorite hang-out spot. If you asked her, she thought that Jerry was overreacting. She wasn't making trouble. And she wasn't a troublemaker in general, as far as she knew.

"Sydney. That creepy girl that hangs out out back," Jerry said.

"Wait ... out back?" Lyndsay asked, realizing something. "Everything is water outside. If she's out back then ... that's water too, right?"

Alarm setting in, Dawn ran to the entrance and opened the door. The yelling was louder now. "Help! I can't swim!" the girl yelled. They also heard a bunch of splashing noises.

"It's a trick," Jerry said, thinking the worst of her. "She's just having fun with us."

"I don't think she's like that," Dawn said. "I think we should go out there and help her."

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