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7. Dawn Pulls Jerry Back In

6. Jerry enters the 1880's

5. Circa 1880

4. Retro

3. Café

2. And now for something complete

1. You Are What You Wish

CAFÉ: Dawn Pulls Jerry Back In

on 2023-11-03 02:51:02

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Seeing a group of adults turning the corner, young Jerry looked pleadingly towards them when he recognized one of the women as being his mother! As she was when he was this young! But even all those decades ago (in what should have been the late 20th century, not the late 19th), she never wore dresses like that.

He held out his hands, in a gesture meaning "Help me," when suddenly another pair of hands grabbed him from behind, yanking him back into the building he had just left moments earlier.

"Jerry, are you okay?" Dawn asked, seeing the person she had pulled back inside the café. But was he back to his original self? Or was he still the young boy he had (for some reason) transformed into once he had stepped outside?

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