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3. Buy collection of lipstick/mak

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Makeovers 4 Your Girlfriend

on 2023-10-29 17:09:42

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After thinking about it, you decide to buy a collection of lipstick with different colors for your girlfriend, that way it can allow her to transform too. Then, you head to the bathroom to brush your teeth, take a nice steamy shower, and finally make breakfast for you and your girlfriend when she wakes up. After you finish your early breakfast first, you then wrote a note to your girlfriend before you left and let her know that you head out. With that, you head to the garage door to open it and get into your car to drive off to the mall. After a few minutes of driving, you finally reach your destination and you then get off the car as you then head into the mall to find a store named Makeover 4 Girls. A special makeup store that any girl loves to go there and buy their favorite makeover stuff. While you're in the store, you try to look for some clothing items for your girlfriend. While you're in the store, you try to look for some clothing items for your girlfriend as the clerk asks you. "Hi there, how can I help you?"

"Oh hello there, sorry... um... I was just looking around and trying to find some makeover for my girlfriend and I was wondering if you could help me out," you reply to her as she agrees to help you out. Then, she shows you all these kinds of makeovers and lipsticks with different colors, and it's also discounted and cheap. She also explains if your girlfriend puts on these makeovers, she'll become an entirely different person physically and mentally. Then, you quickly decided to buy all of these collections just for your girlfriend, plus she loves to put on makeup.

Thirty minutes later, you finally arrived home you open the door and your girlfriend greets you at the front door. "Welcome home, honey."

"Thank you, babe. Oh hey, look what I've got?" you reply to her as you show her a make-up set that contains several colorful pieces of lipstick with strange names, some gloss, and a delicate face-cleaning device.

"You got me a collection of Makeover?" your girlfriend asks, slightly taken aback. She liked her makeup and was hesitant to try out new stuff. Let alone one of the extravagant colors in the set. "Oh thank you, honey. You're so sweet."

"You're welcome, babe. I always do to make my girlfriend happy." you smile and then kiss each other. "Anyway, why not try it on right away? I knew you love to."

"Ooh nice,... I'll try one of them," She happily replies as she picks one after a long hesitation and applies it.

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