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4. Panties

3. Buy some special clothing for

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

TF Panties 4 Your GF

on 2023-10-29 17:00:24

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Magic TF

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After looking around the store, you saw some panties and you decided to buy a couple of them for your girlfriend to try out, and with these panties when your girlfriend put on, it will transform her into someone completely random and unnatural.

Thirty minutes later, you finally arrived home you open the door and your girlfriend greets you at the front door. "Welcome home, honey."

"Thank you, babe. Oh hey, look what I've got?" you reply to her as you show her the bag of some special panties you just bought from the department store.

"Oh my, are these from Victoria's Secret?" your girlfriend was amazed, and guess as you knew she would love to wear these kinds of panties. "Geez honey, I didn't realize you were being naughty."

"Well,... I guess you're right about that." you awkwardly smile and then kiss each other. "Anyway, why not try it on right away? I knew you love to."

"Oh... I will, hun." She happily replies as she picks one inside the bag and then takes off her current underwear to try the new panties that you bought for her. After she put on her new underwear, she suddenly got playful and rushed off to the bedroom where you and your girlfriend shared. Then you after her as you walk into the door and see your girlfriend is now...

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