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16. The Score

15. Delinquents

14. Ovuliparity

13. He Tries It

12. Leave Benson

11. Benson Gives In

10. Benson Resists

9. Sabotage Them

8. Perfected Mask

7. Make Contact

6. Hive Mind

5. Skill Allocation

4. Zodia

3. Random Options

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

The Highest Bidder

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Both of them looked at me. For the man, I could see the annoyance and very anxious look in his eyes. He knew this was a very dangerous thing for him. The boy, on the other hand, looked at me with excitement. He was young and wanted quick money. There had to be something that he had in mind for it. I wondered what that was. "You got cash for me? How much!?" the boy demanded. I said "This is a pretty big job. You'll probably need at least 2 of your friends for it though." He looked at the man. The boy did not look too convinced. "Hey, you. How much can you give me!?" The man had to think about it. He really was being put on the spot here. He took out his wallet to see what he could afford. "Uh... is $350 enough for you?" he asked. The boy's eyes widened at that amount. It was a lot for a kid his age. He then turned to me. "How much can you get for me!?" he asked. I just shrugged my shoulders at him. "Aside from not having a sore ass, it depends on how well you and your friends do tonight. It will definitely be more the $400 though." The kid walked over to me and smiled. "It's a deal."

The man sighed. He could not compete with me. All he could do was take it in stride and continue on his way home. The boy and I went back to the convenience store. It was very easy for him to convince 2 of his friends to do a job together with him for some nice cash. They were all delinquents, so they thought that it was cool. In the game, I was supposed to be a villain. That meant that I got exp. for committing crimes. If I could pull this off, that would be good. If not, I could always just abandon these kids. The police could deal with them as I escaped. There were also other clones ready and able for me to inhabit. Once I got them a few blocks away, I told them what I was. It did not seem like they were afraid of me. Actually, they seemed to think it was cool that I was a symbiote. My plan was simple. We rob a liquor store. Lots of them were still open and they tended to have lots of money. They also had lots of merchandise in stock that also could be sold to people that wanted a good drink. Some nice people would buy a bottle or 2 to get them through the next day. Legally or not. They agreed.

With the amount of ooze that I had, It was no problem making the masks for them. They thought it was neat. Hinatsu, the boy that I had seen going to the creep, said "If we're going to rob a store, I know one we could get to." I looked at him. He said "The owner is a mean old bastard! We can take his shit and he'll never fucking know what hit him!" That sounded as good a plan as any other to me. I did not care about who the target was. This was all in a videogame to me. "Oh yeah! I know that geezer too. He sucks ass!" Eiji, the other blonde, said with a wide smile on his face. We made our way to the liquor store that they were talking about. It was still open. "I'll take out the guy at the register. You go grab the cash and the expensive stuff." I told them. "What if he has a gun or something!?" Kyosuke asked. I just shrugged and said "I'll handle it. Just make sure you don't get shot." I was sure that my HP bar has big enough to get shot once or twice and survive. Even if I did not have that much health, all the masks were part of me. I would be able to help the others get away. I wanted them safe.

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