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10. Your GF transforms again

9. Watch her in action

8. You seduced by your tomboyish

7. athletic tomboy

6. ...see that your girlfriend ch

5. Mix room

4. ...a ticket to a resort that y

3. ...started to remember today i

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

stronger gymnastic girlfriend

on 2023-10-29 00:29:24

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FTF Magic Musc Size TF

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You couldn't help but feel a strong desire growing inside of you as you watched your girlfriend move with such ease and grace. She was already so strong and athletic, but a part of you couldn't help but wish she was even stronger. You found yourself lost in thought, imagining what it would be like if she were even bigger and more muscular.

"What are you thinking about?" your girlfriend asked, interrupting your daydreams.

You took a deep breath and decided to share your thoughts. "I don't know, I just...I can't help but imagine what it would be like if you were even stronger."

Your girlfriend looked at you quizzically. "Stronger? How so?"

"I don't know, maybe a little bigger and more muscular," you said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

To your surprise, your girlfriend's face lit up with excitement. "Really? You want me to be bigger and stronger?"

You nodded, feeling a bit more confident now that she seemed to be receptive to the idea.

"Okay, let's do it!" she exclaimed, grinning from ear to ear.

Before you could even react, you watched in amazement as your girlfriend's body began to grow and expand. You saw her muscles bulging and growing beneath her skin, her limbs lengthening and thickening as her body swelled with new strength. She let out a low groan of pleasure as her transformation continued, her muscles rippling with power and her bones creaking as they shifted and grew.

Her once-toned legs swelled with thick, powerful muscle, her thighs bulging with sinewy power and her calves thickening into sculpted pillars of strength. Her flat stomach rippled with newly-formed abs, her chest broadening and expanding as her breasts shrink slightly to accommodate her new physique. Her arms grew thicker and more muscular, biceps bulging as she flexed and admired her new strength. Even her neck and shoulders seemed to have grown, making her look even more powerful and dominant than before.

You could hardly believe your eyes as your girlfriend's transformation finally came to an end. Standing before you is a stunningly beautiful and incredibly powerful woman, with a physique that would made even the most dedicated athlete envious. She grinned at you, flexing her arms and legs and showing off her incredible strength.

"Wow," you said, still in shock at the transformation. "You look amazing."

"I feel incredible too! Let me show you what I can do now."

With that, she effortlessly moved into a handstand, holding it for several seconds before gracefully shifting her bodyweight and moving again into a crocodile pose, her muscles flexing and rippling as she held the position for an impressive length of time.

You watched in awe as she repeated the poses you had seen her do earlier, but this time with even more strength and ease. As she finished, she pulled you close and pressed her lips to yours in a another kiss.

"I love you," she whispered, her breath hot against your ear.

"I love you too," you replied, feeling grateful for the strong, powerful woman in your arms.

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