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16. ...well,... not right now."

15. On the next morning, your 'mom

14. You and your shapeshifting gir

13. ...both take a shower.

12. your shapeshifting girlfriend

11. Have a wild sex.

10. ...enter your house that there

9. you both decide to visit your

8. your girlfriend turns into man

7. ...can you change into everybo

6. Your girlfriend is a Shapeshif

5. Your girlfriend want to tell y

4. ...headed to your girlfriend’s

3. up and go for a walk.

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Not right now

on 2023-10-28 10:08:30

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Super TF

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"You know what, not right now. You should rest after you shapeshift into my mom and the other women you turned into," you reply to your shapeshifting girlfriend as you prefer her regular and average appearance.

"If you said so, honey," she replies. "And besides, I don't need to rest or anything, I have a lot of energy and stamina as I can shapeshift into anyone unlimited."

"I see," you respond. "So, babe. what do you want to do today?"

"I don't know, hun. But I've got something in mine," your girlfriend suggests. "Do you wanna watch some movies with each other, or you like to play some video games, or would you prefer to go out and have a date?"

"Hmm... that doesn't sound bad, well,... let's..."

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