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23. Building

22. School A.I.

21. 9 Blade Gang

20. Gang Encounter

19. The Hookup

18. Accept Offer

17. Conion Military

16. Catboy Wins

15. Marketing Campaign

14. 3rd Android

13. 2nd Android

12. 1st Android

11. Recruited

10. Skill Allocation

9. Skill Tree(Intelligence)

8. Skill Tree(Capability)

7. Skill Tree(Energy)

6. Skill Tree(Programming)

5. Skill Tree(Construction)

4. Planet of Arctaria

Double Duty

avatar on 2023-10-26 21:06:31

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Eventually the gangsters got everything on the list. It did not make me happy. Not one single bit. The week before, the college received a grant from the government. The grant was to build an android of their own. Somehow, it got approved. My college was a small one. It specialized in History though it's Studio Art department was really good too. The English and Math departments were small. The Engineering and Computer Science departments were even smaller. Due to me now working there, people gained more interest in taking Engineering classes. That meant that the department had grow to meet that increase in demand. I had experience with building them. In both the military and civilian worlds, I worked with teams to build them. My designs were all over the place. It was both the dean of faculty and the president that asked me to head this team. It was going to be other professors and the grad students pursuing their Master's in Engineering. We were also going to use Fizzy as the A.I for the android. Basically, I was doing double duty with the college and 9 Blade Gang. Yay. Lucky me.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, I just had to go with their flow. Nothing good would come from refusing either side. It would be cool to see all of the differences between them. Both would have Fizzy inside the body. It would honestly be kind of funny seeing a nerdy android walking around and hanging out with the gangsters. If it happened, people would not know what to think. My specialty was in Construction with and secondary focus in the big Capability tree. The Intelligence was already taken care of because Fizzy was going to be put inside of it. We just needed to have an Energy expert to power the body and a Programming expert to give Fizzy something to actually do in their new body. The college procured a huge shipment of titanium via the grant money. The gang stole a whole shipment of steel. That was going to influence the strength and corrosion resistance of their frame. It was known that steel was stronger, but titanium did not rust as easily. The other professors and students were going to help supplement what I lacked to a certain extent. That meant more stuff inside.

However, the gang version was going to be mostly on what I could do. This was a project they wanted from me. I could not do everything myself, but they had no way to help me other than kidnap or bribe people. That could go really bad. As time went on, I had to begin. I was getting paid extra for my work at the college. It was the right thing to do. This project was considered an elective. I was the lead, so I got the final say for the design. I wanted another demi-human. They could not deny me. I saw a look of confusion appear on all their faces. Whatever I did for the college, I did at home in my fancier house. At the college, we had some really good skills in the team's pool of knowledge. For Construction we had Replaceable Parts, Durable Material, Wielded Together and Protective Covering. It was good enough. The Programming students put Companion and Dialogue scripts in. They had no interest in fighting or sex for our project. They added No Backdoor as well as the Scanning and Anti Virus protocols. For Energy, we had Hydrogen batteries. Receptive Batteries and More Life applied.

For Capability, we were able to make sure Fizzy would be able to upload and download files via their USB port. They would also have Port Control as well as an Adaptor and Phone Jack. I made sure that they could Hack and Jack into other computers and androids they connected with. Just in case. There was no need for a kill switch. It was not going to rise up against humanity anytime soon. Because we were all working together on it, I was able to do it at home. It was at a much lower quality, but it all worked out. The guys in the gang brought me regular batteries. The gang wanted to fuck it and use it to hack others. I could do that for them. I had the No Backdoor as well as the Scanning. That was all I could do for Programming. The actual scripts would need to come from someone who knew what they were doing. It would certainly be capable of it though. I would build it that way. I put all of the Offense tree into the android for Capability. I also gave it Port Control for its USB and the Phone Jack. The android had its own lube and another Jack port to hack with. It was actually shaping up well.

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