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21. 9 Blade Gang

20. Gang Encounter

19. The Hookup

18. Accept Offer

17. Conion Military

16. Catboy Wins

15. Marketing Campaign

14. 3rd Android

13. 2nd Android

12. 1st Android

11. Recruited

10. Skill Allocation

9. Skill Tree(Intelligence)

8. Skill Tree(Capability)

7. Skill Tree(Energy)

6. Skill Tree(Programming)

5. Skill Tree(Construction)

4. Planet of Arctaria

3. Random Options

2. Let's try this out

Making My Choice

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I took a deep breath and took a mad dash for my driveway. Members of the gangs saw me and took potshots at me. I got grazed as I ran. When I got to the garage, both centaurs Brown and Black were waiting for me. I could hear footsteps behind me and I turned around. Members of the 9 Blade Gang held up their machetes at me. Their blades were sharp and shone in the light. "Where do you think you're going, huh?" one of them said. "There is no reason anyone had to die here. We can work this out if we just wait a minute." They looked at each other for a moment before they laughed. "The only way this works without you getting a nice drawing on your chest is to give us a shit ton of money." one of them said. "Right now." I did not just carry all my money around like that. I put most of it in the bank. I only had 100 dollars. I offered it to them but they politely declined to take it. The door of the garage opened and Black was looking at us. Brown had opened the door. "Are you alright, Doctor?" Black asked me with a very neutral look on his face. The gangsters were pretty impressed with both of them.

One whistled and got closer to inspect them. He said "Wow man. People were saying you had some crazy tech over here. Maybe you can give us one of these and we'll call it even." "Wait! You are that Futafun guy that did all of those sexbot commercials! I loved those!" the other said. "Holy shit, you're right! Even though they are guys up top, they both have pussies to fuck!" the first one said. "What a fucking perv!" he said. The one that had trained the machete on me lowered it as he came closer to me. I was not sure what he wanted. He put an arm over my shoulder and said "There is only one reason why a fancy guy like you lives out here. You like all the danger and the thrill. Those nerd labs can't match up to what goes on here. I get it." he said. I nodded and let him continue. "But... sometimes you need to get some protection. Let's see... you give us one of those and 10,000 bucks a month, and we'll keep you well protected. Does that sound good to you? I sounds pretty good to me." It did not to me because I was way better armed than most of the local gangs anyway. I was fine all on my own.

A pair of Booty Bangers ran down the driveway on us with guns drawn. "What the fuck are you doing!?" one of them demanded. Things were getting out of control. It was now the time that I was going to have to make my choice. "Brown? Black?" I said, still really unsure. They stood at attention waiting for my orders. "Kill all the guys in the driveway." Both Black and Brown moved into a ready position with their backs to the 2 Booty Bangers. They did not know what to expect. Certainly not for a shotgun to come out of each ass cheek and shot them with a pair of slugs each. Those gangsters were completely torn apart. "Holy shit!" the one that was inspecting them said as they calmly turned back to face me. I just smirked. "How about this: you and your friends leave me alone and I will build you an android if you find me the parts?" I calmly proposed. They agreed immediately. They wanted a cool android to use for their own entertainment and defense. Who would turn something like that down? From that point on, I had the "protection" of the 9 Blade Gang now. The word spread all around the block.

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