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4. It's your girlfriend

3. heard someone knocking

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Your girlfriend visiting you

on 2023-10-26 14:39:39

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You opened the door and see your girlfriend stands in your front door waiting for you. "Oh my god, babe. What are you-" when you almost finish your sentence, she suddenly gives you a kiss on your lips.

"Well, I came to you, of course." your girlfriend broke the kiss and said. "And by the way, how have you been doing in this Summer? Are you having fun?"

"Well, same as usual, babe." you answered exhausted.

"Wha...what do you mean 'same as usual', is there something wrong, are you boring or getting sick?" your girlfriend asked as she's worried about you.

", it's nothing, honey. I feel fine and I don't feel any sickness, it's just... really bored, y'know." you replied as you're scratching your head. "I mean,... there's nothing else I can't do in this summer, I can't even go out to visit my friends because my parents told me to stay home and watch the house, and I didn't feel like I want to do with my project either."

"Poor my boyfriend, always force to stay home and do nothing, but now that I am here, I can hangout with you and cheer you up." she replies.

"That's sweet of you, babe. I don't know what are we going to do today." you said.

"Hmmm... let's me think, oh... I know, let's..."

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