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2. Aliens take note of humans

1. The Drafting Board

Very bored Aliens

on 2023-10-26 16:27:09

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Aliens could be… very strange.

After all they are quite ‘alien’, and any assumption of similarity with human emotion, desire, or appearance is going to be superficial at best. Many Humans imagined such beings to be enlightened and wise. Those that travel the stars would have perfected all the sciences creating unfathomable technology that might as well be magic.

What would creatures that had figured out how to travel the void really be like? A species that had ‘perfect’ knowledge of how the multiverse worked, and could literally create anything, or know what something was going to do as soon as it existed? If they were anything at all like humans…

… Perhaps… they would be very bored.

It might make some sense for this to be the case. If a species had such a fundamental understanding, that everything in the universe was ‘predictable’… where could they find any excitement? Assuming a species had such a concept of ‘fun’, all surprises would be gone. They would try to find ‘other’ means of entertaining themselves. However, how can anything be entertaining if everything could be predicted?

Such was the case for this species. They were just... bored. Very bored aliens.

There was however ‘something’ that did interest them… a place that defied all their best predictions; the planet ‘Earth’. They had enjoyed the entertainment from radio waves, then television and slowly created a space-commerce based on the observation of this planet for others to take part in.

The dominant sentient species, known as ‘humans’ fascinated them. They were impossible to ‘timetable’ with technology either stagnating or going at rapid pace. Human advancement defied all logic, to the point the aliens wondered If one among their species was ‘manipulating’ them in some way though this was inconclusive. It was even conceivable that they would become as powerful as ‘they’ were someday, adding to their growing excitement at observing such a species.

Further studies had to be made.

A few humans were ‘removed’, to examine what made them so special. To their astonishment, they found a ‘sub-level quantum matrix’ that appeared to be a natural aspect of life on Earth. It was not an easy science to convey, though essentially all life on Earth possessed this ‘signature’ due to some strange cosmic quirk in the creation of the world. Essentially, this made everything on Earth ‘impossible’ to predict when compared to the more ‘clockwork’ nature of the rest of the universe. The strange quirk allowed humans to ‘defy’ predictions. The Quantum field could even be manipulated, making humans…

…very easy to change to their various ‘counterparts’ that existed in other universes. Certainly, the aliens could ‘nudge’ a transformation towards a particular ideal, but for some reason the Quantum signature resonated on the ‘Imagination’ of humans… it was quite baffling as it was enticing to see such ‘controlled chaos’…

Thus began the aliens desire to ‘play games’…

…all kinds of games….

They were bored and dearly needed entertainment…

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