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9. Your girlfriend becomes a dude

8. Change while you both make lov

7. Transform

6. Transform or Dare

5. a game."

4. It's your girlfriend

3. heard someone knocking

2. Your TF story

1. The Drafting Board

Your girlfriend becomes your boyfriend

on 2023-10-26 15:47:09

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FTM Magic Musc Size TF Unaware

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You feel her soft insides clench tightly around you, a perfect fit. You groan and lean down to rub her boobs against your pecs. You also go in for a kiss and it's all just fucking glorious. Her pussy. Her tits. Her tongue, erotically licking little swipes against the insides of your cheeks. It tastes divine.

Eagerly, you flip her onto her side and raise up one of her pale white slender legs. She screams and moans wantonly, feminine and high pitched at the changed angle, and you're groaning deeply too at how the pussy clenches and shifts around your cock.

You're having a great time, and when you go in to lick at her boobs, it only dimly registers to you that they're a bit smaller than usual.

Hm, you think to yourself, but that doesn't matter. Either way it certainly doesn't affect your ability to use your mouth, so you go to town on your girlfriend's boobies even as you're fucking deeply into her, white hot shocks of pleasure tingling down your spine with every thrust.

Your girlfriend is moaning loudly, as feminine as ever, but now you're really noticing. The boobs really are getting smaller! They shrink down, from a C to a B and then an A and then it's barely an A and suddenly before you know it, you're lapping away at muscle, pure unapologetic muscle. They're straight up solid pecs.

"Uh," you say, unsure.

"Wh-what?" Your girlfriend gasps out in between your thrusts.

"Your uh. Your boobs got...smaller?"

"What are you talking--errmphf--about, babe," says your girlfriend. "I don't have--ugh!--boobs. I have pecs. Keep sucking on them--ooh, yes, there!--that feels--oohh!--nice."

She splays her dainty hand across her own broad, muscular pecs for emphasis. It looks silly there, like lace on a block of iron.

That doesn't seem quite right, but you're still horny as hell so you don't question it.
"Uh. Okay."

But then you keep fucking and it becomes more apparent. Her throat thickens with an Adam's apple, and the feminine moans shift into deep, masculine, appreciative groans of pleasure.

"Your voice--"

"What's wrong with my voice?" Your girlfriend rumbles.

"N-nothing," you gasp back. Her pussy clenches down tightly again you, convulsing, and you're lost in the pleasure.

It doesn't stop there. Her entire body suddenly hardens and instead of the soft flexible tender white flesh you were happily gropimg and licking and sucking, you're met with broad expanses of muscle. Graceful curves meld into stocky angles.

Her face looks distinctly masculine now. She looks like a very, very, handsome man, the kind you'd see on a GQ cover, with emerald eyes and high cheekbones and black windswept hair and cute cupid lips.

"Harder!" she belts out, sending vibrations throughout your body and to the tip of your dick. "Harder, fuck my pussy harder! Oh yeah, I'm so wet for you babe, I'm so goddamn wet, so horny, so ready for your seed--" She whines a little, still deep-pitched, and then reaches out to twist at her pecs' nipples. She groans even more.

Then she flips over and you accommodate her. You fuck her roughly, her face into the pillows, doggy style. It's amazing. The view from the back is incredible--it's the body of a well-built male model. Somehow, for some reason, that turns you on so much, knowing that's your girlfriend.

You feel her insides rearranging themselves around you, like a shifting puzzle. That's weird. Still feels like heaven though. You thrust all the way in until you bottom out and you feel yourself hit something--she instantly screeches in pleasure.

"Oh, yes," she growled, "hit my prostate! Fuck it, baby!"

"Prostate?" you wonder aloud in confusion but then your girlfriend flips back around so now the two of you are face to face again, and your jaw drops open at the massive 7 inch erect, pink cock that she--no, he--is now sporting.

Your girlfriend is now a man.

"I love you so much," he gasps. He grabs your head and leans up for a kiss. It's rough and hard and forceful and not at all what you're used to, but it's heaven all the same.

You come at the same time he does, pleasure exploding in your brain as you watch his eyes roll back in his head and his now-narrow hips lift up from the bed. His ass--yes it seemed like your dick was now in his ass, instead of the pussy he had before--convulses obsessively around you, warm and wet from your cum. You dimly notice that your girlfriend has spurted out his own cum from his new cock, white staining his broad, amazing, delicious chest.

"Wow, this is unexpected," you mumble.

"Yeah,... you're sexy as hell," says your girlfriend.

"Uh thanks. You too..." you trail off, your inquiry into the spontaneous gender-bender forgotten when you notice that your girlfriend's cock, is as a matter of fact, still achingly hard and standing tantalizingly at attention. A small bead of cum slowly wells at the tip. It's beautiful. It's fantastic. It's magnificent. It gives your own, not-unsizeable cock a run for its money.

Your girlfriend notices you looking, and he smirks, jutting his hips and his cock out forward in a provocative display. Christ, he looks so good like that, all solid sculpted muscle against the white bedsheets. "Do you want to suck this bad boy?" he asks.

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