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44. Trainings

43. Moving In

42. Tessan Fans

41. He Lost

40. The Trial

39. His Kids

38. Offspring

37. Annoyance

36. Penetration

35. Fucked Up

34. Tragedy

33. Lewd Drgaon

32. A Strategy

31. Big Dragon

30. A Rematch

29. Annhilation

28. Invasion

27. Wife Swap

26. Half Spirit

25. Children

Figuring Things Out

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Since the black dragon had brought another Blade Spirit into his village, he had essentially paired Aydin up with her. It stopped the human from bothering him. Aydin was able to wield her and take her to his village. At the end of the day, he just wanted a Blade Spirit to have the power of a warrior. Now that he had this and essentially a woman he could have sex with, he was good. He stopped visiting the dragon. It made perfect sense to me. The black dragon had never treated him well. Still, the dragon was used to the attention and adulation. Now that he did not have it, he was upset. It made him decide to take it out on the rest of us. Shank was eager to prove himself to the rest of us. He really did not have to do that. Our village really valued Shanks and all his contributions to our safety already. It was only Krit that tried to snipe at his heels. Shanks lost their fight and got fucked in the ass like usual. This time was really bad as all his kids saw it. I looked at Krit and said "This is your chance. If you beat the dragon, no one will be confused who the strongest warrior is." Krit also lost. It was real bad.

The loss was so bad in fact, that Krit actually got pregnant when the angry dragon came inside of him. Shanks was big enough to buck the dragon off before he could go overboard and climax. Once again, everyone in the small village saw it. Krit was way too proud to breed his wife, so he did not have any offspring to witness this. That was a saving grace. When Krit began to lose his dick, I had already seen it before. I let him and all of the others know what was going on. He looked at me in horror. The dragon certainly did not like it either. Shanks and Ace both laughed at him. Knat was his original companion and partner. He had to say something. "Well... all this means is that your body is fertile with rich spiritual power. I see nothing wrong with that." he told the group with a nervous look. I was not going to say anything to that. There was no need for that. Shanks and Ace both continued to laugh at him. This prompted him to start breeding his wife. Once he lost his dick, he laid a single crimson egg. It looked really cool. His dick grew back, but it was not as big as it used to be. Just like the dragon.

Waiting by ourselves in the valley was pretty boring. The routines were pretty similar. Someone would come and try to attack. We would go and kill them. It was just their natural state. They were a simple people trying to scrape by. Mercenaries and bandits were just fodder for me at my level. I had a nice ability to heal thanks to my magic stat. If the blunt weighted end wrapped around someone, I could give them more health. It was a rarity. Among the other Blade Spirits, they thought that it was an utter waste. I did not care one bit. They would be grateful when I healed them or their chosen champions from the brink of death. The oldest generation of our hybrids were all old enough to join parties. They could become warriors like their parents. It made the Blade Spirits really invested in making sure that they were strong and able to kill an enemy. Each of them could teach their children how to fight property. I was a bit more forgiving with my kids. I had 2 mothers to juggle. One of which I shared with Shank of all people. Alaya got to really see the difference between us. She had no say in it either way.

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