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25. Children

24. Coporeal

23. Other Wives

22. The Wives

21. Knat and I

20. Their Weapons

19. New Forms

18. A Rescue

17. Notoriety

16. The Lore

15. Warriors

14. Protection

13. Beat Shank

12. Shank Fight

11. The Candidates

10. Liberation

9. The Big Portal

8. Krit and Knat

7. Fighting Krit

6. New Hecklers

Our New Village

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That was 4 out of the 6 Blade Spirits. The humans were breeding like dogs in heat. FOG had a human gestation period of 9 in-game weeks instead of 9 months. It was to make it more enticing for female Players to pick up the game. 9 months was way too long for them to break from the action or storylines that they had been following. To balance out the fact that they needed to take a break from the action at all, male Players were hard locked at a small, but still possible 11% fertility rate. Only 1 in 9 odds their sperm could actually make it all the way to fertilize a female's eggs before dying. I was a male Player so, if I wanted my wife to get pregnant, I needed to fuck her multiple times. It seemed that I got it on the 4th try. She was pregnant with my kid. I was going to be a father. The baby was going to be a spirit-human hybrid. The others in the new village were all NPCs. They did not have to worry about fertility problems. Their fertility rate was 50%. It either worked that round or it did not. A coin flip. There were debuffs for illness or attraction. Eventually they all would get it done though. They did it.

In only 3 months, the population boomed. The human pairings produces 8 children. 2 of the warriors, Ross and Happ, had twins. Of the 8 children, 5 were boys. Darrien and Liam both welcomed sons into their family. Ross had both a son and a daughter. Gavel had a daughter. So did Jux. The rivalry between Ross and Gavel continued. I did not care about it, but Krit and Shank were always egging them on to fight and compete with each other. It was just a proxy war for both of the Blade Spirits. Krit knew that he could not beat Shank directly, but if he had the better chosen champion, that would be the win that mattered. On the other side, Shank was very demanding because he was so powerful. If he let a human wield him, they had better be the best human around. Ross boasted that not only were his loins more productive, he was blessed with a son and Gavel was not. That made Gavel upset. As a small village, we needed warriors to pass our skills to. As a warrior himself, it was his job to produce strong children that could defend their village when they aged out of the role. This stung him.

Concerning the Blade Spirits, we were adding to our families as well. Knat, Deuce and I had our offspring first. I was very lucky to get twins. One was a son and the other was a daughter. Their skin tone was in between mine and their mother's. Both of them had their mother's hair. They both had my red eyes though. They had a mix of our facial features. I was pleased with the results. Knat's daughter was beautiful, she had blue eyes and black hair like her mother. Red downy feathers dusted her shoulders and hips. Her skin tone was the same as Knat's. Deuce had a son too. His features were very unique. The whites of his eyes were instead black like Deuce when he got angry. His blue eyes were definitely reptilian. His hair was black with red straks. He also had yellow scales covering the lower half of his body. Ace's son was the same but the red and yellow was all inverted. They looked really cool. They were our hybrids. The NPC Blade Spirits could sense blades within them. Because these were with humans, the blades were their original forms. They would not be able to transform into them.

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