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51. Expenses

50. Amber Avenue

49. The Rackets

48. Challenges

47. Askill Crew

46. Askill Town

45. Getting Gone

44. Recruiting 4

43. Recruiting 3

42. Recruiting 2

41. Purchase

40. Recruiting

39. Next Moves

38. Made Man

37. Bamonte Manor

36. Our Dates

35. Agreement

34. Tough Ask

33. More Missions

32. Moving Up

Costing Money to Make Money

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Cameron and I spent most of our time there. Due to the fact that I added another star in Security, Ezio "happened" to send a twin body guards down to Askill Town. Their names were Arminio and Asella. That was a nice excuse why they were here. They were of Ezio and my ethnicity. It was also clear why they were sent here. They were both sexual degenerates. Not only were both of the twins bisexual, they also were very incestuous. They could not keep their hands off of each other. They were good with handguns though. We kept them. Since we were a crew sent to do the bidding of the Diamond Butterflies and establish a presence here, we needed a place to live. I had an easy solution. We used the hotel. It was free for us. The whores had to find their own place to live or pay Nicolò. The whores with nowhere to go stayed with us. It was fine with me, but Nicolò grumbled. That was over half of them. When Nicola got back to us, it was when I had sent the cut of the first week's revenue to him. "Just got the money. I have a couple of jobs for you." he said. That was good news. We needed cash.

Arminio and Asella Catano

Nicola did not disappoint. Because these were minor factions, they had some nice cash and an ability to have some uncommon and rare items to trade for things that we had every once in a while if you had good relations with them. Our job was to convince the general public, the cops, the Glimmering Lions and the Red Rays to let the mafia family move in their town. That sounded like a set of influencer jobs to me. And there were 4 juicy targets. I got Ronan, Cameron and Tommy together. We had to get this correct. It was not hard for us to sponsor a pair of new school buses for the local middle and high schools. The three whores were on the circuit talking us up and all of them knew that it was good to tease our other services, but not to say it directly. We even got a sit down with the mayor. He was all for us being there if we were going to benefit the town. All he wanted was 5%. That was half of what I was paying Nicola. It was a great deal. We then got 15 grand from Nicola for the job well done. I was a made man. My pay for a job was higher. Next were all the cops. We used half as a bribe.

The chief looked at it and nodded. This was a simple mining town. This was an extra 2 paychecks for him. A month's wages. Of course, he wanted this every month. That was a price we could manage. I would be doing jobs, so it would be easy to keep up. I would have enough to pay him for 2 months each time. When this was done and reported to Nicola, we got another 15 grand. That was great. Next on the agenda for us was dealing with both of the minor factions in town. Both the Glimmering Lions and the Red Rays would not like us being here. That was too bad. We were here. Still, it would be bad if they started raiding us and killing our people. The first one that we could find was a thug from the Red Rays. We asked some of their people to come to our headquarters in The Hills. The came to meet us the day after. The whores and I made it clear what we were after. They wanted a big non aggression agreement. The last thing they needed was for a major mafia family like ours coming down to simply slaughter them all. I was happy to give them one. Another 15 grand came in. I liked that.

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