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30. Sharing

29. A Trap

28. Aliens

27. Something

26. Experience

25. Time Skip

24. Heat Ends

23. Beta Male

22. Sunday

21. Twin Time

20. An Injury

19. Heat Sex

18. The Heat

17. Prepping

16. In Heat

15. South High

14. Dating

13. Aftermath

12. Nusiance

11. His Ego

To Harem or Not to Harem

avatar on 2023-10-15 11:25:48

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Loads of enraged parents and concerned citizens were outraged that a criminal gang was target a high schooler. Our activities had to die down a bit. That was just fine for us. We had beat the shit out of the others schools multiple times already. There was nothing we had to prove on that front. Anna was a girl and a girlfriend of Colby. It was Anna who called the police. She was not bound to the no snitching rule. With the outcry police had to do something. Anna also told them were the base was. Being that there were 2 military grade mech suits stored there illegally, that whole cell of gang members got put away. Anna could rest a bit easier now. To celebrate this huge win, she fucked Colby. Liam and Anna became best friends after the fight. They stood shoulder to shoulder in battle. It was Blake and Liam that found them in the middle of round 2. Liam stared at them both. To both of their surprise Liam offered to join them. Anna raised an eyebrow. "Only if Blake can fuck me." she said. Liam growled and said "Blake is mine!" Anna scoffed and said "Then get the fuck out of here! We are busy."

It was funny how, after they were finished and rejoined the group, Liam reacted. "What's Colby got that I don't!?" he demanded. As an alpha, his male pride was shot that a female rejected him in favor for Colby. Anna presented her boyfriend in front of Liam. "Look how cute Colby is. Remember how vicious in combat Colby is. See how smooth and plump in all the right places Colby is. What's not to love about Colby?" she said while smiling. Colby just blushed red in embarrassment. Liam looked down at himself. "But I'm a real man. Being soft and smooth is not masculine at all." he argued in shock. Anna shrugged her shoulders. "Maybe. I like what I like. I like Colby and that is all that matters." she said. That was enough for Aiden to say "She didn't go for me either. She really loves him. You have Blake and he's the next best thing." It was true. Liam said "I guess you won't let me join you next time then." Anna looked at him seriously. "I know what you're doing. You just want an excuse for why it's okay for you to get a harem. If you get to fuck all of us, but Blake can't fuck me, that's just wrong."

Many people overheard the rebuke. Liam just looked at the 3 of them and was upset. He clearly had no reason to be upset, but he was. All he could do was sulk about it by himself. Anna paid him no mind. Colby looked at Anna in appreciation. "Thanks. Most of the girls I know would easily take an alpha over an omega." Anna scoffed at that. "Those girls are pieces of shit of they would break up with someone just because of their gender." Blake said "I guess you don't like sharing." Anna only shook her head. "I don't mind sharing. Liam does not really want to share. If we had agreed, he would fuck the 3 of us whenever he felt like it. If we wanted to fuck him or when he was not around, I bet he would get pissed about it." "That's not true!" Liam snapped. Anna smiled playfully. "Fine. You can prove it right now. Have you ever gone down on Blake!? Sucked his dick or ate out his ass?" Liam looked like it was absurd. "Hell fucking no! Why would I suck dick or put a guys ass in my mouth!?" "That's my point right there. I don't eat out Colby because he thinks it's weird, but I still blow him. Would you?"

Not for a second based on the look that Liam was making. Anna hugged Colby tightly from behind. He yelped in surprise. "See? Why should Colby agree when you are less generous of a lover than I am to him? It doesn't make sense for him. Why would I want to take a giant knot without getting any tender care from my partner?" Liam said "Less generous? I'd treat you right. You're supposed to go down on beta females to make sure they are wet enough to take your knot." Anna just looked at him. "But not Blake or Colby?" she pressed. "Why would we!? They make their own slick when they get horny." Anna said "True. I still don't know if Colby would be interested. He likes blow jobs." Liam looked at me. "He does!?" he asked. That was when Colby spoke up for himself. "Of course I do! I'm a guy with a dick!" he snapped. That made the whole roof go silent. Liam just sighed. "Fine. I guess all the dick sucking works for you then, Colby. I just wanted to have some fun with you guys." Anna said "We do not have to fuck to be friends. We can just hang out. Let's go to the arcade." That worked out.

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