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29. A Trap

28. Aliens

27. Something

26. Experience

25. Time Skip

24. Heat Ends

23. Beta Male

22. Sunday

21. Twin Time

20. An Injury

19. Heat Sex

18. The Heat

17. Prepping

16. In Heat

15. South High

14. Dating

13. Aftermath

12. Nusiance

11. His Ego

10. Lunch Date

The Big Gang Den

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All 4 of us were attacked when the thugs went hostile to us. We threw punches and kicks. Some of the weaker ones went down as they were not expecting such a tough resistance from a girl and 2 omegas. That was when they sent in the alphas. They attempted to use pheromones on us. Liam was an alpha so he was immune. Anna passed the first 2 minigames, so she could take them on. She slipped up and missed on the third one. Her body froze up and he punched her really hard in the jaw. That got her back up and into the fight. Blake and Colby only got through 1 before they were totally immobilized. The guys that surrounded them tried to strip and rape them right then and there. Liam and I rushed in to save them. There were 15 of them. We had taken out 8 so far. That was more than half of them. We were all at low health as a result though. The leader held a hand up and looked right at us. "I take it that those omegas belong to you, correct?" he said. Anna said "Yeah. We're not letting anyone put their dirty hands on them." The leader smirked and pulled a gun. "Nice try but game over."

Just then, Anna pulled out a gun of her own. She wasted no time in shooting the leader in the head. She had looted all the guns and ammo off of the bodies of the thugs she knocked out. She then shot another one as they were reaching for their weapons. Anna quickly held her gun to one of the thugs that was near to her. He was one of the ones that were trying to strip Colby. "Stop what you're doing or this one dies." she yelled so everyone could heat her. They all stopped what they were doing. She looked at the members of her gang that was still not doing anything. "Go get their guns. We're taking these mechs for ourselves." she snapped at them. They then began to take all of the guns and surround the 2 mech suits. It turned out that they could not get inside of them. The mech suits had A.I. controlling the systems. They were not going to allow us to steal them. The hatch to get into the cockpit was locked. That really sucked, but there was nothing to be done. Liam took a gun and killed the 2 that were trying to strip Blake. Blake and Colby killed the 2 that were stripping Colby. We then ran.

Killing these thugs meant that there would be consequences down the line. That was a concern for another day. Killing as opposed to knocking enemies out was a great way to get exp. in combat. The 4 of them were also made into legends immediately on returning to the school roof. Anna was known as "Bloody Annie" from that point on. Liam was called "Kill 'em Liam". "Murder Twins" was what Blake and Colby went by. Now there was no question who would be the leader next year. Liam was the big heart and bigger accomplishments. People in the delinquent world gave them the fear and respect the titles deserved. They were not able to take the mech suits, but there was a ton of money. The gang used the wealth to get some better equipment for the gang. Even Anna got a cool black bomber jacket with the gang logo and name on it. She thought it was pretty cool. The survivors tried to get a bit of revenge. They captured and tortured a sophomore member of the gang. Anna simply called in the cops. As a member of the Newspaper Club, it was easy to get the whole school on their side.

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