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28. Aliens

27. Something

26. Experience

25. Time Skip

24. Heat Ends

23. Beta Male

22. Sunday

21. Twin Time

20. An Injury

19. Heat Sex

18. The Heat

17. Prepping

16. In Heat

15. South High

14. Dating

13. Aftermath

12. Nusiance

11. His Ego

10. Lunch Date

9. Her Claim

Sci-fi Bent

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Going forward, Anna was listening on the radio for more news. She still could not understand any of their television broadcasts. On the radio, she heard that all the aliens were an advanced race of explorers. They had over 950 refugees. All of them were in a pretty large ship. They were willing to share tech and knowledge in exchange for refuge on our planet. The government of our country was considering taking in about 100 of them. Apparently we had a lot of space in the interior by the forests. If we put them over there, they could make a refugee camp and they could develop it into a town all on their own. I thought that it was fair. Our country was not very strong when compared to the major powers. Maybe we would be able to compete with them with their new alien tech. Because they were so advanced, they could communicate with several governments at once. Due to this, they were able to seen the 100 aliens to the marked out for them. At that point, the major powers were angry about it. There was nothing that could be done though. It was too late. They had to scramble for all the others.

Having them in unoccupied land was a bit weird. They had the technology to make a big town within days. They had dwellings, research facilities and a military base. All the other settlements were the same way. That was pretty weird to Anna. She was a bit suspicious about their true intentions. All throughout this time, Anna and the guys were doing rumbles and hanging out. More news was leaking out as time went on. The aliens were refugees from a planet that was attacked by a foreign invasion. There were really 3 ships of 1100. 1 was destroyed. This ship lost contact with the other one. Of the 100 refugees we took in, there were 20 soldiers, 20 researchers, 10 of their priests and 50 regular settlers. One bit of technology they gave us was the mech suits. Apparently there was a 10 foot, 50 foot and 100 foot variant. They let us have a lot of the 10 foot variant. Only 10 of the 50 foot were given to our government. There were tons of the mechs being used for all sorts of things. Corporations made them a commercial good. Racing and fighting rings began to pop up to use them. They were still military.

It made sense for the delinquents to know where to go look at one. Some of the delinquent gang alumni were in real gangs. The criminal underworld was vast and deep for most people. For them, it was their backyard. Anna got to see one in action when the gang got invited to watch them check it out. This was all just a ploy though. The gangsters there just wanted some tight omegas to fuck. None of them cared that they used to go to their school. It made the whole gang angry. That also meant that it was Blake and Colby that were being targeted for a gang rape. Anna was not having that. Liam was not either. Everyone else stood aside. Even Aiden did not want to mess with them. It was bad when Blake and Colby tried to get them to back down as well. "It's not worth it." Blake said to Liam. "You're a woman! You'll just end up in the same place as us. Don't do this. Please!" Colby begged Anna with tears threatening to spill. As a man, he wanted to protect his girlfriend. Even if it meant there would be no one to protect him. "Fuck that!" she spat. Anna looked at Liam. "The 4 of us are in it together."

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