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27. Something

26. Experience

25. Time Skip

24. Heat Ends

23. Beta Male

22. Sunday

21. Twin Time

20. An Injury

19. Heat Sex

18. The Heat

17. Prepping

16. In Heat

15. South High

14. Dating

13. Aftermath

12. Nusiance

11. His Ego

10. Lunch Date

9. Her Claim

8. Juniors

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Even if it was a trait shared by all alphas in the game, it was true that using pheromones was pretty cool. You had to have the skill for it. That meant a certain amount of levels were required to get this ability. Omegas also had a pheromone based ability. While alphas used them pheromones to exert dominance and cow others into a state of submission, omegas could do the opposite. They could use the sex drives of others against them to get what they wanted out of them. Anna was a beta female. She would not be able to do either in the game. It sucked in her opinion. Aiden also looked like he wanted something more. "I wish I could shoot fireballs or something." he said to the sky. Liam, Blake and Colby all chuckled. He frowned in response. Anna did not laugh at that. "It's got to be lightning for me." she said with a smile. That made it okay for Aiden to continue. They had a conversation all to themselves about it for the whole period. When the bell rang, she kissed Colby on the cheek. "Wish me luck on the test, B!" she called out as she left the roof. He gave her an encouraging wave. "Sure!"

Falling down the stairs would be a massive blunder on her part. That was why she held onto the railing. She made it to class on time and was ready to take the test. That was pretty good. It was a math test. The difficulty went up quite a bit from the start. Anna was still able to get a decent score on it. Both before and after their big math test, she could see that there was something buzzing among her classmates. She leaned over to a group of chatty people and asked them what was going on. They all turned to her. "You haven't heard the news!?" one of them asked her in shock. Anna just shook her head. "There was a massive announcement last night. Our world was contacted by aliens! Isn't that amazing!?" the other one said. That was amazing. Anna was just talking about adding something to the scenario. This could be pretty cool to see how it developed. Anna went on with the rest of the school day. She found the twins and asked if they had heard about it. They had heard of it. Anna was shocked they were not all talking about it. "I heard we might get some cool tech from them." Aiden said.

It was certainly a big possibility. Ann had not been the only one to notice that there was not much to do in the more "modern" settings. It was just basically real life aside from the presence of alphas and omegas. There were still some worlds that did not even have that going for them. It looked like the modern worlds were getting a content patch to add things. Apparently, some were getting magic. Others, like hers, were getting aliens. There were even some that had random portals on the map that connected their world to either heaven hell, or to another Player inhabited world. Now there would actually be things that they could do. Anna was doing her best to have fun up to that point. Pulling Colby aside to fuck certainly passed the time pleasantly. They also went on more dates 1 on 1. Colby was totally in love with her. Blake was not as happy. While he was happy hanging out with Liam, Aiden and us, there was still the fact that he was an omega male. He did not want to get fucked in the ass until it was during his heat. That made Liam and him sexually frustrated. He was seen as an object.

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