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26. Experience

25. Time Skip

24. Heat Ends

23. Beta Male

22. Sunday

21. Twin Time

20. An Injury

19. Heat Sex

18. The Heat

17. Prepping

16. In Heat

15. South High

14. Dating

13. Aftermath

12. Nusiance

11. His Ego

10. Lunch Date

9. Her Claim

8. Juniors

7. Seniors

Blake's Relief

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Clearly there was nothing that Blake could do other than jerk off. It still bothered him that when he got aroused enough to be near to the point he could cum, slick and an itch in his ass would appear. "It's so annoying trying to ignore it when I want to bust a nut!" he grumbled to the group. Liam shrugged and suggested he just finger himself to get it over with. Anna stressed that his body would get too used to that. "You should avoid touching your ass as much as possible. You don't want to get so used to it that your body can't cum without something up your butt." she said. Blake nodded. That was the last thing that he wanted. Liam and Aiden just shrugged. They did not really care about the trials and tribulations of being an omega. There was no reason for them to care about it. It could never happen to them. Omegas were always seen as the weaker and incapable gender. If he was trying to fight it, that was good for him, but that was all on Blake. Colby was his twin, so he cared. "It gets tough for me to cum sometimes too. Just try to think about how your dick feels." he offered. Blake just nodded.

It was not like Blake did not have a good memory to fall back to. He got to fuck Anna during his first heat. There was also the time where they were all forced to join in on that gang rape with their seniors in the gang. He was not a virgin with no experience. Speaking of experience, Anna was actively seeking it out. Whenever there was a big rumble, she joined in. She wanted to get enough exp. to level up and get stronger. Once she was strong enough, she could protect both Colby and herself. It got her a bit of fame among the four high schools. Anna was an anomaly. She was a beta female that threw down with all of the alphas of other schools constantly. She also had an omega male boyfriend. Colby and Blake were very proud of her. Liam saw her as an asset in his faction. They were juniors. They would be the leadership next year. If he was going to take top spot, he needed to be able to fight for it. Anna had his back, and that meant that when push came to shove, all his supporters would help him to take their throne. There was only one other alpha in his year after all. Liam had this in the bad.

Doing that would be easy with an over leveled Anna. That would still mean that she would need to get the exp. for it. She got it from doing well in all her classes and the big Newspaper Club as well. Along with fights, those let a small Player like Anna grow in power rapidly. She wondered if there would be more to the game. She really was enjoying herself, but it was not much more than a glorified dating sim. It was not like the setting allowed for magic or sci-fi tech to exist for them. She also did not feel like going through all the effort of being a serial killer or super villain. Running from cops or other vigilantes would be more than tiring to Anna. Colby pulled her closer to him by the waist. "Why are you spacing out?" he asked. She shrugged. "I was thinking how cool it would be if we were super heroes." The others just looked at her. Anna looked back at them. "That's so boring. Who wants to be a goody two-shoes anyway!?" Liam demanded. Anna said "Fine. But what about having powers? That would be cool." Liam smirked. "Being an alpha's already a superpower. You have pheromones." he said.

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