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25. Time Skip

24. Heat Ends

23. Beta Male

22. Sunday

21. Twin Time

20. An Injury

19. Heat Sex

18. The Heat

17. Prepping

16. In Heat

15. South High

14. Dating

13. Aftermath

12. Nusiance

11. His Ego

10. Lunch Date

9. Her Claim

8. Juniors

7. Seniors

6. Omegas

Omega Growth

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Aiden did not live in the same dorm as she did. She did not want him to come inside of her room now. It was clear what Aiden was after here. He thought he was entitled to a girl like her simply because of Colby. Colby was a male omega. There was not a shadow of a doubt in Anna's mind that Aiden would be trying all this shit if Colby was an alpha male. Even if he was just a beta male, Aiden would be too scared to risk coming to blows with him. It was because he probably knew he might lose. Colby could probably still kick his ass. If it was now. Omega males had lots of estrogen and other female hormones flow them. It made them softer, less aggressive and weaker as time went on. Anna was sure that it could be slowed down if they continued to fight and work out with the rest of the gang. That would keep some of their testosterone going. Even then, it took its toll on the twins. As time went on, you could see the effects. Both got a bit pudgier. Their hips got wider. Their asses got fatter. Both lost some muscle tone. 3 months in, Colby was better than Blake. That was because his ass was fucked.

Blake could not help it. He "belonged" to Liam. Liam was able to go into rut and made no reservation when Blake went into heat around him. Liam was a childhood friend to the twins. It made it hard for either of them to see the alpha in a bad light. This was just the way of the world. Colby was different. He actually was using his own dick to fuck Anna when they felt like it. Even during his heats, she came around and never made him feel submissive or feminine in any way. Liam was a massive third wheel with both pairings, but she paid him no mind. Liam was not bothered by him at all either. He was an alpha with a big dick. What did he have to fear from Aiden? Nothing at all. Like Anna had predicted, it was not allowed for Blake to use his dick anymore. Liam was an alpha. He was too strong and too dominant to take a dick up his ass. It was beneath him. He was also super possessive around all other possible suitors that were not Aiden or Anna. They had been around him long enough to be considered someone that Liam wanted to protect. Even then, it was clear he would not allow Blake to fuck.

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