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44. Recruiting 4

43. Recruiting 3

42. Recruiting 2

41. Purchase

40. Recruiting

39. Next Moves

38. Made Man

37. Bamonte Manor

36. Our Dates

35. Agreement

34. Tough Ask

33. More Missions

32. Moving Up

31. Bamontes

30. The Hit

29. New Family

28. Invasion 2

27. A Threat

26. Erica

25. Turning Up

Nicolò vs. A Creep

avatar on 2023-10-13 12:08:46

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Nicolò informed us when time was almost up. I got out when I was supposed to. There was not reason to make his last day here harder that it had to be. Nicolò would be really angry with me. In the lobby was Tommy, Lewis and a salty Jan. Jan was complaining about his last john. He was apparently a delayed ejaculator. That sucked for him. Jan was straight, so it made him get up and personal against his normal inclination. To get the guy off, he had to work even harder and longer than he would with a normal guy. Lewis, the only other straight whore, commiserated with him. Tommy was actually gay, so this did not bother him at all other than the fact he would be getting tired out by the end of the hour. Tommy looked at me. He looked like he wanted a go with me in the back. I certainly had the money. I was not sure if I had the stamina to go another round with him. I had busted massive loads with Ronan and Cameron. I might have been running on empty if I tried to go with Tommy now. "Sorry Tommy. I did double duty with Ronan and Cameron today. I don't think it will be that fun for you." I said.

Surprisingly, that did not deter him. "Don't worry. I can work with that. We can still have some fun together." If he was willing to try, I saw no reason not to oblige Tommy. If he got it up, we could fuck. If not, at least I could say he did his best. Tommy led us to a third room. Once we were inside, he shoved me against the shut door. He shifted down and began to unbuckle my pants and pull them down. Once my dick was free, he began to blow me. It felt really good. I was not expecting Tommy to finger my asshole. He found my prostate right away with 2 of his fingers. I grabbed his head and bucked forward from the suddenness of it all. It was not long before I shot a load down his throat. That was apparently what he had wanted. I let go of him and asked if he was alright. "That's fine. Some of the johns are much rougher than that with us." he said. I just looked at him. He looked up at me with a bright smile. "Ronan told me what was going on. Take me with you, Maritno. I want a fresh start too." I sighed. I guess that Ronan and Cameron would be happier if their friends came. I could not take them.

I had to take Tommy now. He already knew the plan. He could snitch on us and get us all in really deep shit. I looked at him. I said "Fine. No one else. Just you 3. That is it." He simply nodded his head. We stayed in the room until the time was up. After that, I really was drained. Johns came and went. The whores all pitched in to handle them. The first john from this morning returned. I nudged Nicolò. He asked what was wrong. "He's back now. He gives me a real bad feeling. Search him or something." I said. He rolled his eyes. He went up to the guy and pulled him off to the side. The search of his bag revealed zipties, chloroform, rope and a butterfly knife. He really was up to no good. "What the fuck are you doing with this shit, you fag? Get the fuck out of here. I don't want to see you back here, fucking creep!" he spat. Cameron was looking on in utter shock. He was about to fuck the guy. I would be shocked too. The patron tried to fight. That was all that Nicolò needed. He wanted to get his violence out. It was a win-win. While he was beating the guy to a pulp. He was dropping tons of slurs.

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