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42. Recruiting 2

41. Purchase

40. Recruiting

39. Next Moves

38. Made Man

37. Bamonte Manor

36. Our Dates

35. Agreement

34. Tough Ask

33. More Missions

32. Moving Up

31. Bamontes

30. The Hit

29. New Family

28. Invasion 2

27. A Threat

26. Erica

25. Turning Up

24. Dinnertime

23. Arriving

First Time with Ronan

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He got off of me and crawled further on the bed. I watched as he spread out. He got on all fours for me. I knew what that meant. He wanted me to hit it from the back. We could certainly do that. Ronan looked over his right shoulder at me, saying "Show me what you got, Martino. I'm ready when you are." I crawled after him. Grabbing his left hip with my hand, I guided myself to his waiting asshole with my right. I had calmed down a bit with this transition, so I was ready to go again. I slowly pressed myself inside. It felt just as good as the first time. Now it was time to show what I could do. It was only for 2 minutes, but I did giving him his pounding. I could not help myself from coming inside him. Ronan did not cum. I saw that he was rock hard though. I was not going to leave a friend in need. I jerked him off until he finished in my hand. It was then that he laid down on his stomach. He looked really grateful that I reciprocated. Hopefully, it would help me when I asked him to come with me to Askill Town. He told me that I really did a number on his ass. I apologized. Ronan told me not to say sorry now.

My cum was still coming out of his butthole. It was a real cream pie situation. "Thanks for the handy. It's rare that people treat whores with respect like you." Ronan said. I turned to face him. It had been a few minutes since I finished. I felt like I could go again, but I had to tell him about my idea. "Ronan. I have a big idea and I want you to listen." I opened. He nodded his head. I pitched him the idea until there was a loud knock on the door. It was only Nicolò. "5 minutes left in there. Don't make me come in there to get you out. I mean it. Please?" he said from the outside. Ronan looked at me. "If you are serious about this, I'll go. It's way too expensive living in the fucking city anyway." That was great. We were getting somewhere. The party was now at 5. I just had to ask if Cameron was in. I had to go out. Ronan needed time to relax and clean himself out. When I got to the lobby, Cameron was already there. I looked at him. "I thought you had a client." I said. He chuckled. "Him!? He's a 2 pump chump. I make him wear a rubber and he sucks my dick to make up for it. He said he'd be back though."

Cameron and I were both free at the moment. I held back with Ronan because I wanted to get him on board with my plan. This was the perfect time to ask him. "Can I go and buy you for the next hour, Cameron?" I asked. He looked at me in confusion. "Weren't you with Ronan just now!?" he asked me with a raised eyebrow. He looked really skeptical all of a sudden. I nodded. "Yeah. I was with Ronan. But I want you too. That's why I came over here today. Is that okay with you?" I responded. The host smirked while he approached us. "Ronan was not enough for you?" he chortled. "Nah. It 's not like that. He was really good. I just came here with a purpose." I told him. I did not want him close to me. The last thing that I wanted was for him to know what I was planning here. I was trying to take 2 of his whores away. Who knew what he would do about that? The host looked at Cameron. "Are you up to it or not?" he asked. Cameron sighed. "I guess I'm just that popular. Everyone wants a piece of my ass today." Lewis rolled his eyes. "Yeah right. You're the one that gets the desperate guys." he said.

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