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35. Agreement

34. Tough Ask

33. More Missions

32. Moving Up

31. Bamontes

30. The Hit

29. New Family

28. Invasion 2

27. A Threat

26. Erica

25. Turning Up

24. Dinnertime

23. Arriving

22. A Party

21. Electric Fangs

20. Invasion

19. Side Quests

18. More Staff

17. Homophobia

16. The Boys

Joining Diamond Butterflies

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Zooming up the ranks was one thing. Losing what made you yourself was too high of a price for that. If Emilio would not be able to live something like that down, the job was simply not for him. Brandon was able to come in with a save. There was a Devil Crew mission in the Red Light district. We had to kill a random bouncer to a lousy speakeasy. There was no elaboration as to why. It was perfect. We just showed up and gunned him down. That put us both at 10 missions for our particular factions. As it stood at this moment, we could both be made gangsters. Ignazio would not be pleased that his request was ignored, but he was not the family head. That was Brando's father. Emilio saved his wife. There was no doubt in my mind that the Fortes would bring him into the fold. Just like the Bamontes would do for me. I actually had to do one more mission for them because the last 2 were for a different faction. Things were all about appearances. Another whore got ill with a STD in the Red Light District. I had to treat her. Brandon set this job up too. It was not that hard. It was done within the week.

After that, I had a total of 11 Diamond Butterfly jobs under my belt. That allowed me to go see Nicola at Ezio's club. Both of them were very happy to see me. I enjoyed the time with them. When things were winding down, I told them that I was interested in joining the Diamond Butterflies. They shared a look and nodded. Nicola looked at me and said "Our father is an old school mafioso. He is not going to accept someone that fucks guys." I looked at a smiling Ezio. "I am his bastard son and an owner of a racket brings money in for the family. He still doesn't accept me. He only lets me visit if I'm with Nicola, and only for family business." he said nonchalantly. It seemed like it was a sad state of affairs, but Ezio did not seem to mind. I asked what I should do. Ezio had a smile on his face. "Well, you could always bring a dame with you. Let him see that you can be manly. That's what I do." he offered. It did not seem that hard. I just had to find a date for the meeting. The dinner would be in a week, so I had a bit to look for one. I still had no luck when it came to wooing all the ladies at Ezio's speakeasy.

Being that Emilio and I actually owned a speakeasy, I went there. I used the money to raise the Quality and Production to 4 stars. That gave us a full band for Bertolo to perform with. It also gave us some good quality booze. It hopefully would bring more people in to hang out. Maybe more single ladies. It did work to a certain extent. The most surprising thing that a woman reached out to me. Her name was Bianca Salgado, she was an assassin. She had not yet made it into the Blue Codex so she could not have been all that good. She was here though. "I heard that you wanted a date to see the Bamontes." she said. I looked at her. "You have a hit on them?" I asked. if I got one of them killed, they would never let me live that down. I doubted they would let me live after that, period. She rolled her eyes. "Even if I did, I would never tell you that. All you need to do is sit there at that party and let me be pretty for you." she smirked smugly. That was certainly true. "You want to get in good with them, right? Me too. If you keep your nose clean, we can make all this work." I told her. We had an agreement.

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