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33. More Missions

32. Moving Up

31. Bamontes

30. The Hit

29. New Family

28. Invasion 2

27. A Threat

26. Erica

25. Turning Up

24. Dinnertime

23. Arriving

22. A Party

21. Electric Fangs

20. Invasion

19. Side Quests

18. More Staff

17. Homophobia

16. The Boys

15. A Brothel

14. Mob Doctors

Making a Friend

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There was nothing that happened on the way back to his speakeasy. Once he got him back over there, the task would be finished. Halfway there, he looked over at me. I looked back at him and waited for him to talk to me. If it was something about another job for the faction, I was all ears. "Getting fucked in the ass is pretty tough, huh!?" he said with a smirk. I smirked back. "I wouldn't know about all that. I've never been. Did you fuck Tommy's ass, or was it the other way around?" I teased lightly. He just smiled wide and said "What!? Let a random guy not even in the proper blood get near my asshole!? Not on their life. I fucked him. It just looked like it was tough for him because my dick is big." I chuckled. Ezio might have been a bisexual, but he was an NPC immersed in mafia culture. Even if he was the type to bottom for the "right guy" he met, it sure as hell would not be a whore of the wrong ethnicity. I had not been with guys before, but I thought of myself as more of a top. "Tommy is a really nice guy. I have spoken to him a lot. He is in it because of poverty." I said. We then had some small talk.

Under Ezio's roof, I was treated really well. He had a natural affinity for me. The girls there all did not want anything to do with me, but there were a few guys. I was nice to them, but they were a bit creepy and pushy. I saw that they spanned the range of the lower ranks. There were thugs, associates and made gangsters in the mix. It was a gay friendly racket, but they still had to be on the down low with it or they could get killed by their peers. That was really for the best. I did not want to get involved with these types anyway. Inheriting grudges was not good for my safety. Enzio wanted to try out all the whores there. That meant that there were 4 more escort missions to the brothel that month. I also had a hit assigned to me on Nicola's request. I had to kill someone that was talking shit about his family. Namely Ezio for being bisexual. If I took it, it would be good for me. Doing jobs for them only got me closer to becoming a made gangster. His name was Roberto Marzella, an associate demolitionist in their district. I had him cornered and killed outside of a brewery. Once he was dead, I texted Nicola.

Very quickly, I got a text from Nicola. It read "Good job. Thank you so much for helping out the Bamonte Family. I understand that many specialists in the Blue Codex like to be more free to give their services for pay. However, if you'd like, our family could sponsor you joining the Diamond Butterfly family." I also got $10,000 deposited in my bank account. Obviously, I wanted to be a made gangster. I would be the first from the Rosey Faces gang to get that rank. Most of them became thugs in other gangs in disparate areas of the city. Emilio and I were the first to be added in the Blue Codex and become associates. We were the pride of all the kids currently in the gang. That was pretty cool. Emilio made sure to go back and ensure they were okay. I knew some of them because we employed some. Others worked with Brandon and Miracle. It was nice that we got along when we interacted. Emilio had been getting his fill of mob doctor jobs. Just like me, it was a mixture his friends from the party thrown for him and racket owners. His work was spread out between South End and the Red Light districts.

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