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5. Wendell reads the note

4. Rusty takes the satchel to Wen

3. The Start of Rusty and Wendell

2. P2P Trait Sharing

1. The Drafting Board

P2P Trait Sharing: Reading the Note

avatar on 2023-10-12 17:20:02

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To whomever finds this satchel,

I can no longer bare the burden of this device. It is yours to use and keep. Just be careful when using it and please do not abuse the power that it wields. A copy of the device instructions can be found in a text document on the desktop. The admin password is Area51. Good Luck.

Roland S.

“Well that’s fucking weird.” Wendell mumbled looking back at the laptop. “I guess...” Wendell booted the laptop back up and rested it on his fat belly. “Area51... Okay let’s see if this works.” Wendell typed in the password and hit enter. Three minutes later Wendell was reading through the text document in Notepad. “This is insane... No fucking way this works...” Wendell kept reading. “I guess I can go to the library to get on the internet... But mannn no way this works...” In disbelief Wendell reread the instructions. “Duuude... this has to be a fucking prank...” Wendell mumbled closing the laptop and sitting it back down on the backseat.

“You can’t always get what you want!” Rusty sang as he shuffled towards Wendell’s van. “But if you try some time you get the booze that you neeeeeed!” Taking another big swig, he continued shuffling towards Wendall’s van.

“How much you want for it?” Wendell asked the approaching Rusty.

“$1,000!” Rusty said waving the bottle in the air.

“I’m not giving you a grand for it.” Wendell shook his head. “$100 tops.”

“Deal!!!” Rusty said sticking his hand out.

“Hold on...” Wendell shook his head. “First I’ve gotta test it. Meet me at the library on Appleton St.” Wendell grabbed the handle of the sliding side door. “If it connects to the internet you get your $100.”

“Fuck you! Pay Rusty now!” Rusty stomped.

“Meet me at the library.” Wendell pulled the door shut, and maneuvered his fat body between the front two seats.

“Pay me!!!” Rusty said pounding on the front passenger door.

“God damn it Rusty! I said the library!” Wendell reached over and cracked the window. “The library you drunk son of a bitch. If it works I’ll pay you at the library.”

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