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27. Dressed for the day

26. The Prodigal Husband(?) Return

25. Mark heads back, with new shoe

24. Meanwhile, Sally Has Urges

23. Safe at Last

22. Roberto's Play Takes a Detour

21. Fear and Lust Confuses Mark

20. Mark's Goals and Desires

19. Mark is Committed Now

18. Sally's Alone at the Club

17. Retrieve the Amulet

16. The Plan Begins. Sally Pimps a

15. Well Met

14. A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

13. The Cat's Out of The Bag

12. Mark's Stage Performance

11. Mark Sees the Club a Little Di

10. Introduction to a Man's World

9. Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

8. Waiting for Baggage

Dressed for the day

on 2023-10-03 23:30:50

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Body_Swap FTM MTF

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This episode was originally posted by Xyzzy in 2013. I will remove if the original author requests its removal.

Feeling simultaneously mortified at being screwed, used, and dominated like that, Mark also felt a contradictory sense of wonderful fulfillment. He wanted to be angry with Sally for abusing him, but he also wanted her to do it again and again, it made no sense. Ultimately he decided it was best to try not to think about it. "We need to get moving," Mark said as he rolled out from under Sally's arm.

"You go ahead," Sally mumbled into her pillow and gave Mark's soft round little bottom a quick smack of opportunity as it slid under her hand.

The sudden stinging smack to his ass was a shock. Standing up and turning indignantly, Mark saw that Sally was not even awake and probably wouldn't even remember doing it. Glaring silently, Mark rubbed the spot but the sting was already fading away. "What the ...," Mark huffed when he felt something strange on his leg. "Damn it!" Mark hissed as he grabbed himself and rushed to the bathroom to take care of the juices and cum dripping out of him.


"Aren't you dressed yet," Sally chided gleefully, reveling in being the able to say that to Mark after all the times she'd heard it from him over the years. Strangely, she felt no desire to help Mark dress, instead she was happy to wait for the results. "Why do you girls take so ..." Sally started to tease when Mark came out.

Even after all he'd been through, Mark still felt like he was doing something inappropriate as he wiggled into his wife's smallest panties and smoothed them down over his round ass with delicate little hands. He also smoothed the front and the fact that the fit was perfect with no bulges was still disconcerting. After a very brief aborted attempt at putting on his wife's bra, it was obvious that he was now far too large up top and resigned himself to having to go bra-less. The irony of the fact that he'd often asked Sally to go bra-less was not lost as he quietly muttered, "be careful what you wish for."
Pulling on a pair of Sally's black stretchy slacks, Mark was quite pleased at the way they cinched down around his small waist while hugging the curves of his rear. The only problem was that they pooled into a bunch around his ankles. "Unbelievable, my wife's slacks are too long for me, that's why Sally seemed so tall. Those damned shoes Malena used on me did more than shrink my feet!" Sighing, Mark had no choice, he had only one pair of shoes that fit and the heels were necessary to accommodate the slacks.

Putting on his platform stilettos, Mark was simultaneously pleased with getting a lot of extra height back, as well as seeing that the slacks now draped quite nicely on his feet. For the top, Mark tugged Sally's coral Henley Tee down into place and examined the look. It hugged in very flatteringly around his tiny waist while flaring out nicely over the black slacks, the slight ruffling along the hem against the black background was quite fetching. The material also had enough stretch to hug Mark's large breasts and provide a little bit of support. Unfortunately, of the four buttons available, Mark could only fasten the single lowest button at the bottom of the V neck, and even that one was subjected to a good deal more strain that it was designed to hold.

Sally went mute at the sight of her husband. Once more perched upon his fuck-me stilettos. Most of the shoe was hidden by the drape of the slacks, but the shoes still served to force a sexy strut, and emphasized Mark's ass and tits. Unrestrained by a bra and stretching her favorite Henley, Mark was a vision to behold. Not just a little cleavage was visible, but over a third of those marvelous silky globes were exposed to the world as they jiggled and quivered in counterpoint to the mesmerizing bounce that came with every prancing step.

"I think this will do until we can find me something appropriate for this evening. What do you think?" Mark was quite pleased with himself and smiled flirtatiously. "Oh, never mind. I can see what you think," he laughed as he glanced at the growing bulge in Sally's pants.

"You're one to talk," Sally said, nodding to the twin mini erections that were now poking out Mark's abused blouse.

"It's cold, and I'm half naked, that's all."

"You're wearing slacks. You're as clothed as you're going to get."

"Which is exactly the problem. Come on, let's get me something I can wear for this evening so we can retrieve the medallion and get back to normal."

"What, you didn't enjoy this morning?" Sally watched her little hottie husband flush and turn away towards the door, his round little ass wiggling high atop those incredible heels with each short stride. Smiling to herself, Sally snatched up the little clutch purse by the table and caught up in a couple of long strides. "You forgot your purse Kitten."

Mark felt the tips of his ears burn hearing that term used on him and knew he must be beet red. He wanted to reject the purse out of irrational spite but finally realized that he had no pockets, which meant no keys, and no money. "Thank you," Mark said in the flat tone of repressed frustration and accepted the clutch.

Sally had a perpetual smirk on her face as she periodically glanced down Mark's cleavage and delighted in his jiggle and bounce with every step.

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