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26. The Prodigal Husband(?) Return

25. Mark heads back, with new shoe

24. Meanwhile, Sally Has Urges

23. Safe at Last

22. Roberto's Play Takes a Detour

21. Fear and Lust Confuses Mark

20. Mark's Goals and Desires

19. Mark is Committed Now

18. Sally's Alone at the Club

17. Retrieve the Amulet

16. The Plan Begins. Sally Pimps a

15. Well Met

14. A Deal Mark Can't Refuse

13. The Cat's Out of The Bag

12. Mark's Stage Performance

11. Mark Sees the Club a Little Di

10. Introduction to a Man's World

9. Caesar's Palace Las Vegas

8. Waiting for Baggage

7. Airport Security

The Prodigal Husband(?) Returnith

on 2023-10-03 23:29:40

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Body_Swap FTM MTF

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This episode was originally posted by Xyzzy in 2013. I will remove if the original author requests its removal.

Barefoot, freshly showered, wearing Mark's tee shirt and ratty old shorts that she had always tried to get him to throw away, but now found quite comfortable, Sally found sleep impossible, even though the clock had passed midnight quite a while back and could be rightly referred to as the wee hours of the morning. Alternately pacing, sitting, fidgeting, and pacing again as her thoughts whirled through a repeating pattern of worry for Mark; guilt at having cheated on Mark and whether or not to admit it, or pretend it never happened. How do you tell your husband that you cheated by having sex with another woman, another woman besides him that is. "Yes I slept with another woman Mark, but she wasn't nearly as attractive as you. It was you I fantasized I was taking all the time I pounded her. It was your screams of passion I really wanted to hear." Yeah, I don't think that's likely to go over well.

After several more rounds of talking to herself, Sally decided that nothing good would come from confession and concentrated on simply worrying about Mark. This in turn lead to remembering Mark's bouncing boobs as he teetered around stage in those delightful shoes. That image now had Sally pushing around her still novel and wonderfully frustratingly erection that kept demanding attention. "These things really do have a mind of their own," Sally mumbled to herself, as she pressed the heel of her hand against her bulging pants and thought about Mark. Fortunately the ringing of the phone broke Sally's circular out of control thought process.

"Hello? Yes this is ...."
"Malena? Oh thank god! Is Mark alright?"
"I was so worried. Will Mark .."
"You've no idea how worried I've been. That's such a relief."
"You're sure that Roberto is never going to be a problem?"
"I understand, but I can't help but worry. I want this nailed down and done with."
"OK, we'll see you tomorrow, or rather this evening, for dinner at your club. Where is it?"
"Chauffeur at eight. Got it!"
"Dressed for dinner it is, I look forward to it."
"Probably not, but I look forward to that too. I will have my lovely husband on my arm."
"Yes, me too. To be perfectly honest, as weird as it's been, I'm not in a hurry to ..."
"The medallion?"
"Mark used it for what?"
"He doesn't know? What do you mean he doesn't know? How could ..."
"Oh that's just too perfect! I can't wait to see this."
"Yes me too, it makes me hard just thinking about it. It seems like everything makes me hard."
"It's weird to hear you giggle with that deep male voice."
"Did I? Oh, I guess I did."
"No, I've never heard guys talk like this either but we're not exactly guys."
"Hey it's their loss."
"I did, but I don't want Mark to ever find out."
"I think you'll miss some aspects, but these things are a whole lot more fun than I would have ever imagined!"
"You have got to try ... I think he's here! See you tonight, bye!

"Mark! Thank god. I was so worried!" Sally called out as she stood up expecting to rush into to Mark's arms. Instead, Sally froze in place. Despite knowing what to expect, it just wasn't the same as actually seeing it. Where Sally had been what many would describe as short and busty, Mark was now positively petite and stacked.

"Oh Sally," Mark cried out in a high panicky voice as he rushed into Sally's arms.

Sally enveloped her pint-sized over sexed husband as he threw himself into her strong arms. Careful not to hug Mark back too tightly, Sally smiled at the still replaying image in her mind of Mark quick stepping across the room in those outrageous heels, arms akimbo in a very girly fashion, tits bouncing and jiggling madly to the accompanying rapid tic-tac tic-tac of stilettos on the floor.

A sense of comfort and relief washed through Mark. Easing out of his desperate hug, Mark looked up, and up some more at Sally's smiling face. "You have no idea what this evening has been like, and no I don't want to talk about it. I just want to take a bath and get some sleep."

A bath? Sally had never known Mark to ever take a bath, just showers.

"I'd swear you look taller," Mark said stepping back so he needn't crane his neck so much to look Sally in the eyes. "I think that may be a good thing. I was afraid I was becoming a little too comfortable in your body and accepting it as normal. In any case, it's done! Well mostly. Malina said she'd, or I guess that's he now, would arrange to return the medallion tomorrow, which is now tonight at this hour. Thank goodness we can both get back to normal. Don't get me wrong hon, this is a great body, but I think I'd prefer appreciating it from an external perspective."

"I can appreciate that," Sally said smiling at her own choice of words. "Nice shoes by the way. I don't remember seeing those before."

"Uh ...," Mark flushed in guilty remembrance of breaking his heel and how it had come about!

"Relax sweetie," Sally said to her husband. "There's no need to be embarrassed. Malina called to arrange our meeting. She, or he, told me that you'd broken a heel. It's something we women deal with all the time, it's fine."

"That seems so weird hearing you say 'we women' when you clearly are not," Mark giggled in delirious relief that Sally wasn't going to ask how Mark had broken the heel.

"A nice hot bath and bed will make you feel better."

Still nervous with relief, Mark turned toward the bath ...

"I need to ask you something first," Sally said.

'Oh shit!' Mark froze as he tried to feign a calm demeanor.

"Would you strip down here for me?"

"What?" Mark said in confusion.

"Please! You did it on stage. Would you do it for me?"

"But I had ... I'm not ...," Mark stammered.

"Oh please! You have to get undressed to bathe, just get undressed here, for me. Just for me Mark, Please!"

Slowly wrapping his head around the fact that he wasn't caught, Mark sighed in genuine relief. Turning partially back, Mark looked over his shoulder and pursed his full red lips in an exaggeratedly slow air kiss, his eyes lingering momentarily on Sally's eyes before slowly scanning down to the straining bulge in Sally's pants.

Sally had trouble catching her breath when Mark locked onto her crotch and mimed a cute little 'Oooh' while licking his full red lips in an implied promise of delights yet to come. Instead of a quick little game of embarrass Mark, Sally was trembling in rapt attention as she consumed Mark visually.

Seeing the effect he was having on his wife, Mark got into his performance for Sally.

Sally was alternately holding her breadth and hyperventilating as she watched Mark up close and personal.

Smiling, Mark tilted his wide hips at a provocative angle and crossed his arms to grab opposite sides of his tube top, right hand grabbing the left side and left grabbing the right, arms crossing under his already very large breasts and compressing them up and out. Mark looked Sally in the eyes and smiled a thousand watt smile, boobs presented in a gravity defying offering that even blocked his own view downward. Mark held that pose waiting for Sally to breathe.

Sally's explosive exhale was Mark's queue to continue. Winking slowly, Mark peeled the tube top up over his head and tossed it aside. Mark's over sized tits flumped down somewhat painfully when the tube top came loose, but he ignored that. Tossing the top aside set his boobs to jiggling and swaying which Mark encouraged with a little extra torso movement to enhance the effect. Mark slid his slender manicured hands up his flat belly and hefted his breasts, displaying them proudly and emphasizing just how large they were as they overflowed his small hands before letting them gently jiggle down again. Licking his lips, Mark sensuously sucked his index fingers one at a time to get them good and wet before lightly pinching and squeezing his nipples until they were swollen and erect.

Sally was beside herself with desire. She wanted to take Mark right here and now, but the show was not to be interrupted.

With a brief heft of his breasts to further emphasize the twin erections adorning them, Mark slid his hands down to his shorts and slowly unzipped the fly that was now just a fastener mechanism for his short shorts and could serve no other purpose for Mark in his current state. A pop of the snap and Mark wriggled and shimmied the the tight shorts over his wide hips until they dropped to the floor.

Sally stopped breathing again as she watched Mark step free of the shorts and pose bent forward slightly, hands on his thighs, tits out, a thong strap running up the crack of his round ass presented in counterpoint, clear platform shoes with pink sparkly straps and seven inch stiletto heels kept everything in slight jiggly motion as Mark's ankles constantly wobbled and adjusted in unconscious balance.

Delighting in his control, Mark peeled off his tiny thong, bending down to a carefully balance squat in order to clear the straps around his heels. Stepping clear of his last item of clothing, Mark stood up to the full height that the heels afforded and went for the coup de grace.

Sally's breathing settled into a sort of desperate pant as she watched Mark perched on shoes that screamed 'fuck-me, fuck me now', tits jiggling, nipples hard, and a triangular little snatch that drew the eye like a magnet as he slowly pranced and bounced his way across the room until his nipples brushed against her lips. Sally's lust reached a fever pitch as she buried her face in Mark's breasts, sucking and biting his glorious nipples as she wrapped one arm around his ass and kneaded its soft roundness with her strong male hands.

Mark had originally intended to simply be a cock tease to Sally because ... well because he could, but now found that he was fully aroused himself as Sally's ministrations ignited embarrassing lustful desires that he felt were wrong but was helpless to deny. Reluctantly pulling back from Sally for a moment, Mark lifted Sally's tee shirt up over her head before going to work on her pants.

Sally was surprised but enthralled by Mark's actions and struggled to help remove her own pants. Finally naked herself and towering over Mark as she sported an erection so hard it hurt and seemed to stand guard between them, Sally gasped when Mark wrapped his delicate little hand around her large rigid shaft. A light push from Mark was all it took to sit Sally back down. "Mark you don't have to do this," Sally whispered weakly while silently pleading, 'Oh please please please do this Mark!'

"I want to do this," Mark purred. "Besides, it's not like you'll get the opportunity to experience this again."

Sally momentarily wondered how her husband could bring himself to do this before the thought evaporated in the experience. Perched on those ridiculous heels, Mark's delightful ass bobbed and swayed up high in counterpoint to his head as he swallowed up Sally's cock. 'Gawd, even Eliza hadn't done this' Sally thought momentarily as Mark slowly drove her to the brink of madness and held her there despite her unconscious bucking to force the pace to completion.

Mark reveled in what he was doing as he bobbed his head up and down, letting Sally's large slippery cock slide effortlessly down and up his throat, the soft rubbery head easing the way, the rigid shaft pulsing firmly against the walls of his throat in a weirdly erogenous fashion. He could feel Sally's building explosion in the pulses of her cock and slowed down despite her attempted thrusts to hurry things along, keeping her in desperate miserable delight for as long as he could. When the pulsing could no longer be denied, Mark took all of Sally in, pressing his lips against Sally's pelvis and delighted in the pulsing liquid explosions deep in his throat. After the last pulse, Mark slowly sucked his way back up Sally's softening shaft, knowing that immediately after cumming, the head of Sally's dick would become super sensitive and Mark would make her momentarily crazy by doing so.

Leaving Sally semi comatose in the chair, Mark pranced off to his bath with a Cheshire smile on his face.

Bathed and naked, Mark eased back into the bedroom feeling really short without his heels to find Sally already asleep in the bed. Smiling in satisfaction, Mark climbed up into the exceptionally high bed and settled in for the remainder of the night.


With light streaming in the window, Mark slowly woke to realize that he was being spooned. Sally's arm was under his head and there was something hard pressing the small of his back.

"Good morning sweetie," Sally rumbled in a deep morning voice.

It took a moment for Mark to reach full consciousness. When the hard thing against the small of his back pulsed a couple of times, he finally integrated reality. Disentangling himself from Sally, Mark hopped out of the too tall bed and headed for the bathroom. After performing his morning ablutions, Mark returned to find Sally standing in the middle of the room naked, trying to push her erection down. "It's called morning wood. You can't push it down, it just has to go away," Mark laughed.

"I think it's going down now," Sally started to say before looking up to see her nude super stacked petite husband in full glory as the sex nymph he'd become.

"Ha ha," Mark giggled with joy at seeing Sally's morning wood jump back to full throttle with one glance at him.

"You're not helping," Sally scolded.

Mark was puzzled by his own behavior. A faint and distant voice seemed to be yelling, 'What the hell are you doing!'

Sally saw Mark's smile flicker for a moment, but before she could ask if he was alright, the smile was back and he was walking toward her. He still jiggled walking barefoot, but not nearly as much as he did in the stilettos. On the other hand, without those wonderful ridiculous shoes, Mark was short, really short! Plus, where Sally had been in the neighborhood, a sprawling neighborhood to be honest with herself, of about a hundred fifteen pounds, Mark might not even reach a hundred now. How can he not have noticed?

Mark walked up to Sally until her erection poked him in the stomach, and looked up feeling really short. "This doesn't seem right," Mark said as it dawned on him that the top of his head didn't even clear Sally's shoulder.

"Mmmm, it seems right to me," Sally said as she tipped Mark's jaw up and leaned down to kiss him.

Mark enjoyed Sally's kiss, and her erection pressing against his stomach was an extra turn-on but he was sure that he'd never been that much taller than Sally. In fact he remembered the kick he got when he was wearing shoes and Sally was barefoot. Even then he wasn't as tall as Sally is now. Further exploration of that line of thought was interrupted by Sally's hand sliding across his ass, but instead of the continued caress he expected, Mark found himself suddenly lifted off the ground and face-to-face with Sally, his legs wrapping around Sally's waist for support.

"Now this is better," Sally chuckled and kissed Mark again with more gusto.

Mark was stunned at the ease with which Sally had simply man handled him, although he had to admit it was nice as he lifted his chin to allow Sally to kiss and bite his neck, very nice indeed. Mark was becoming excited and somewhat disoriented. He'd closed his eyes in bliss and felt like he was momentarily swirling, only to open his eyes in surprise when he was pressed up against a wall.

With the wall for balance, Sally shifted her grip on Mark from encircling his tiny waist with her arm to holding his butt with both hands. This allowed her to gently lower him down enough that she was finally able to get her throbbing cock aligned with Marks wet little pussy before easing him down the rest of the way and slowly impaling him. The shrill little cries and squeaks from Mark made it all the more arousing.

Mark could hear a woman gasping and squealing in sexual passion and vaguely realized it was himself that he heard.

Sally was thrilled with the effect she was having on her noisy little husband, but small or not, Mark was getting heavy. Staggering over to the bed, Sally unscrewed her pick up and screw on spouse and placed him on all fours on the bed, ass out. Mark was listlessly compliant as she positioned him for height and access. Standing on the floor behind Mark, Sally took him from the rear, slowly penetrating and stretching Mark's seemingly too small vagina with her wondrous penis. Mark's desperate screams of passion urging her on faster and harder until finally she joined Mark's non-stop shrieks with a single-minded prolonged cry of her own as she reflexively pulled Mark's hips in with her strong hands while thrusting powerfully forward one last time, plunging her painfully hard cock fully into his submissive cunt and exploding with transcendent success, dominance, and pleasure the likes of which she'd never before experienced as her seed spewed and pulsed deep into Mark's receptive depths.

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